Allison Road, The P.T. Spiritual Successor, is Revived

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Allison Road, The P.T. Spiritual Successor, is Revived

August 22, 2016

By: Don Parsons


Allison Road has had a rocky path throughout its life so far. Starting with a Kickstarter campaign, it struggled to get the funding for Lilith LTD needed to make the game a reality. Team 17 appeared to save the day by funding it themselves and that appeared to be going well, up until this June. Then  it was suddenly announced that Allison Road was cancelled, and a short time later Lilith Ltd stated that they and Team 17 were going separate ways.

While the explanation was unsatisfactory, it appeared that the Curse of P.T. may have begun by striking out at one of the first games announced after its cancellation that was inspired by it. That was, until today, when just as suddenly as Allison Road was cancelled, creator Christian Kesler announced that Allison Road was being revived. In a statement to IGN, Kesler stated he was going to be creating the game under a new label called Far From Home that he and his wife co-founded. 

According to the article, and a Facebook post made on the official Allison Road Facebook profile, Kesler took some time away from Allison Road after the cancellation was announced. After the time away, he went back and looked at all the work that had been done and started making a few changes to the story, some new drawings and layouts, and quickly picked up where he left off. He describes some of the feelings when coming back to work on it as follows, "It almost felt like coming home. Coming home to a place you've never really left."


Kesler explains how the community really supported him and have been following the game since day 1, and that even after the cancellation people would ask him how things were going and saying hi. He thanked the community for its support and then explains a bit more of his plans.

The future includes more updates in the plans for Allison Road than there have been in the past. He will still be cautious not to spoil things but does want to talk about the ongoing work on the project, share workflow stuff, and discuss tech tips around game creation. He also explains that he will give the game as much time as it needs and won't rush it to completion.

It's always good to hear a game coming back from the dead like this, and Allison Road has been interesting to follow and promises to continue to be. You can see our Allison Road interview from last year if you want to learn some more about the game.

What do you think about Allison Road's resurrection? Is this a game you're looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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