All Super Mario Odyssey Outfits Can Be Unlocked Without amiibo

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Dress to impress

A feature many never knew they wanted in a Mario game was the ability to dress up the titular Italian in a variety of outfits and hats. Many assumed some of those may be locked away behind an amiibo or two, especially considering the new wedding get-ups for Peach, Mario, and Bowser. However, a small note on the Super Mario Odyssey amiibo page, states that "all outfits can be unlocked in-game without amiibo."

Considering the confusion around the Metroid: Samus Returns amiibo support, many will likely see the use of amiibo for Odyssey a welcome one. This does not mean that there is no unique functionality to amiibo in regards to Super Mario Odyssey, as the amiibo will still unlock power-ups, like temporary invincibility. Of course, those that purchase amiibo will have an easier time obtaining those outfits as well. The concern over availability problems with amiibo is of course there too.

Super Mario Odyssey releases for the Nintendo Switch on October 27th.



Quick Take

This is a smart move on Nintndo's part and one that I hope they continue in the future. amiibo don't have to have content locked behind them or even cosmetic DLC either. Here, like much of the Breath of the Wild amiibo, offer things like power ups or certain conveniences. Nintendo has also needed some positivity around their amiibo in terms of amiibo support for games, as it has been met with a lot of controversy. Nobody can deny they like the figures, but how they've interacted with various games hasn't been great in the eyes of many. And since Super Mario Odyssey is such a huge game and a main Mario game, it just feels right that everyone has access all of the content in the game.

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