All the Pokemon Presents February 25th Reveals

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Pokemon Presents 25th anniversary

The Pokemon Presents started off with a showcase of a wide variety of Pokemon products and milestones over the 25 years the series has been in existence. Games, anime, odd peripherals, they all got a turn in the spotlight as they worked their way from the oldest games to the current generation.

The first announcement gives us more information on New Pokemon Snap, the newest Pokemon photography game since the one for the N64. Players will be traveling through a variety of environments and taking pictures of Pokemon. They’ll be armed with a variety of tools that can help, ranging from old ones like fruit and a flute to Illumina Orbs, which can make Pokemon glow. New to this game is the ability to edit your photos, with features like stickers and frames to make your photos really shine. You’ll even be able to share your photos online, and very popular photos can become featured. New Pokemon Snap releases April 30th.


To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Pokemon is holding a variety of events in their Pokemon games. In Sword and Shield, players can take on events featuring Max Raid battles against Gigantimax Pikachu. For Pokemon Cafe Mix, players who log in can earn 2,500 golden acorns for their game. Pokemon Go, meanwhile, is holding a Kanto-themed celebration event where the three legendary birds and Mewtwo are showing up in 5 Star Raid events. Finally, in Pokemon Masters EX, Leon, the champion of the Galar region, and his Charizard are arriving in the game (assuming he doesn't get lost on the way).

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the fourth generation of Pokemon games and the first mainline ones for the Nintendo DS, are next up on the remaster pipeline. Titled Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, the remasters are being handled by ILCA, who have mainly done work on Japanese games such as Nier Automata and Dragon Quest XI as a support studio. They also worked on Pokemon Home. Like the newer games, these remasters will feature 3D graphics, but they will be done in more of a chibi art style that brings to mind the classic graphics. The underground area where players can build bases and interact with other players also seems to be present. The remasters will be releasing in Fall 2021.

The Pokemon series will be staying in Sinnoh with a spinoff game in a new era with a new game taking place before the events of Diamond & Pearl. The reveal trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus shows a game similar to Breath of the Wild, where players can roam around an open-world and catch Pokemon to create the region’s first Pokedex. Like the main game, you’ll have your choice of three starters, all of which come from different generations (Rowlet from Gen 7, Cyndaquil from Gen 2, and Oshawott from Gen 5.) Battles will also take place in turn-based combat, and you catch pokemon with pokeballs like in main games.


As for the game’s titular mythical Pokemon, Arceus, essentially the God of Pokemon, will be a part of your journey, but the exact details are still a mystery. This game represents a very new direction for the Pokemon franchise, and players will be able to get Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases early in Early 2022.

You can watch the whole Pokemon Presents below if you want to see it all in action.

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