Alienation Adding Local Co-op, Announces DLC

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Alienation Adding Local Co-op, Announces DLC

June 29, 2016

By: Samuel Guglielmo


Twin-stick shooter Alienation came out at the end of April and was one of the last games released during Sony's PlayStation Launch Party 2016. Developer Housemarque has now announced that they'll be adding local co-op to the game for free, while outlining their DLC plans for it.

The local co-op update will happen on July 5th, and will make it so the game will support four players locally. Opening chests in local co-op makes the game more competitive, as you will have to fight over the loot you find. While local co-op is the big new feature, more is being added to the game as well. Leagues will be added, with a new league happening every week and allowing players to earn new bullet colors for customization. There will be two new difficulties added: expert and master. This has been done to give the game more of a challenge. The Arkship is being revamped to add new rooms and enemies, the level cap is being raised, and adjustments are being made to the loot drop rate as well.

While all of that will be free, Alienation will also be seeing its first paid DLC arriving on July 5th as well. The Survivor's Pack will be adding even more customization options for your characters. Furthermore, it adds in the ability for all classes to use any primary weapon, and a new vortex grenade weapon that sucks enemies into a black hole. The survivors pack will cost $6.


Housemarque will also be launching the Season Pass along with the Survivor's Pack. The Season Pass will include two more future DLC content packs, Alienation's soundtrack, and a dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4. The Season Pass will cost $10. Finally, Housemarque announced that there will be more free updates coming to the game in future months, but did not have any details at this time.

Alienation is available exclusively on the PlayStation 4. If you want to learn more about the game you can read our review of it here.

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