Alien Isolation Steam Key Reach New Low in SEGA Week Sale

Published: July 27, 2016 11:36 AM



Alien Isolation is finally under the $10 mark this week at Bundle Stars. The bundle-focused digital retailer has select SEGA published titles on sale this week. While most of the discounts would have been matched in the Steam Summer Sale, Alien: Isolation's drop to $7.99 is eye-widening being that it's cheapest ever.


Even though it's been out since October 2014, the well-received jump-scare title is reaching under $10 for the first time. The Steam Summer sale had the game priced at $12.49 (a big percentage difference). That same $12.49 will, in fact, cover the cost of Alien: Isolation Collector's Edition, also on sale over at Bundle Stars. This collection includes the base game plus all released DLC and normally is $10 more at full price. While the additional content is decent, we're not 100% positive on the worth of a 36% increase in price tag. For those that already have Isolation but want the additional content in the Season Pass, you can buy it piecemeal for $4.99.

Alien: Isolation Deals

Note: The deals on Alien: Isolation have a limited run. The SEGA sale will only go through Thursday, July 28. That gives you a few days to make a decision.


Also ending around that same time are a few other SEGA discounts at Bundle Stars. Most notable of the group is a SEGA Genesis Pick & Mix Bundle full of classic SEGA titles during the Genesis era. Out of a list of 45 old-school ported SEGA Genesis games, 5 will cost you $1.99, 10 for $3.49, or 20 for $4.99. This is a decent bundle but it appears that you only receive one Steam key, as far as we know.

Our personal pick for the bundle? The Phantasy Star series, Shining Force II, Golden Axe III, and any title in the Streets of Rage series.


SEGA PC Game Deals

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