Alan Wake To Be Adapted To Television, Creator Sam Lake On Board

Published: September 12, 2018 10:45 PM /


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Alan Wake, the psychological thriller game by Remedy Entertainment and featuring the titular fictional novelist as a protagonist, is going to be developed into a television series as reported by Variety.

If you're unfamiliar with Alan Wake, it's an interesting game. Fans of mysterious stories like Silent Hill and Twin Peaks might particularly enjoy diving in. Mr. Wake has been suffering from writer's block for two years and goes on a vacation to a sleepy small town. (Man, bad stuff always happens in sleepy small towns.) On his way up there, he had a harrowing dream where he learns of a darkness that is chasing him. Alan must combat this strange phenomenon while trying to keep things together in his own head. Alan Wake's American Nightmare follows the original, although the sequel has a notable change in its style and storytelling.

Peter Calloway (Writer & Producer for LegionUnder The Dome, and other works) has been tapped as showrunner with the game's creator Sam Lake coming on board as an executive producer according to Remedy Entertainment and Contradiction Films. The show's creators are planning to shop it around to studios sometimes in October; a few unnamed studios have reportedly already shown interest in the project.

What makes this an interesting adaptation is that Alan Wake's episodic narrative structure essentially emulated classic dramatic television series like Twin Peaks and the like. It should make it a bit easier to adapt things to television, but we all know what kind of a crapshoot it's been when video games translate to other mediums. We could get something like Silent Hill... or we could get something more like Super Mario Bros. The Movie...

Whatever the case, it looks like the game that never got a proper sequel will be leaping to television. Maybe if it does well enough, Sam Lake will be able to make the sequel game of his dreams. If you don't yet own Alan Wake, you're out of luck - the game is no longer available for purchase on Steam. Your best bet is finding a physical Xbox 360 or Xbox One copy.

What do you think of an Alan Wake television adaption? Do you think they'll be able to make a faithful adaptation? What did you think of the games? Let us know in the comments below!

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