Akira Yamaoka "Would Love" To Return To Silent Hill

Published: November 5, 2020 1:05 PM /


James Sunderland, protagonist of Silent Hill 2, for which Akira Yamaoka provided music

Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka has expressed an interest in returning to the world of Konami's horror franchise sometime in the future. Yamaoka has worked on some of the series' most iconic entries including Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 4: The Room.

What does Akira Yamaoka think of Silent Hill?

TechRaptor managed to catch up with Yamaoka to speak to him about his recent work on a Silent Hill-themed collaboration with World of Tanks. In our interview, Yamaoka says he "would love to work on Silent Hill again". He goes on to say that the series has "left such a lasting impression" on the horror gaming genre and that it would be "great" to revisit the franchise. In regards to artist Masahiro Ito's work, Yamaoka says his art is "very inspirational" and that it helped him when composing music for Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 4: The Room, a game for which Akira Yamaoka composed the music
The first four entries in the Silent Hill franchise, including Silent Hill 4: The Room, were scored by Akira Yamaoka.

It's not clear exactly what this means for the Silent Hill franchise. A new game in the series - whether it's a reboot or a remake of an earlier title - has been rumored for some time. The last time we heard from the franchise in a major way was 2014's ill-fated P.T. demo, a playable teaser for the now-canceled Silent Hills. If that remake-slash-reboot is happening, it doesn't seem like Akira Yamaoka is involved in any way. His comments don't suggest anything is in the pipeline. Of course, he could be playing his cards ultra-close to his chest, but it's unlikely.

When will we see another Silent Hill game?

Unfortunately, we simply don't know the answer to that question. Unless the rumors swirling around are true, Konami doesn't seem particularly interested in making a new game in the Silent Hill franchise. If it does materialize, it's unlikely that Akira Yamaoka has been asked back to compose the music. We'll have to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks and months. As ever, we'll bring you more when we get it.

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