An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs Coming To PC And Xbox This Year

Published: July 20, 2020 12:32 PM /


A shot of the titular airport in An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs

During today's Summer Game Fest developer showcase, Strange Scaffold announced that first-person comedy adventure An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs will be coming to both PC and Xbox this year. It'll be an Xbox console launch exclusive.

In An Airport For Dogs Currently Run By Aliens, you play a human who, along with your fiancee, are the last human beings in the universe. Airports are now run by dogs, as is the rest of society. You must try to navigate complex alien logic and language while also dealing with dogs' unique personalities. Did we mention the dogs themselves are represented as flat stock images? It promises to be a fun, offbeat experience. You can check out the trailer for what the devs have charitably said we can call Dog Airport Game right here:

Gameplay-wise, Dog Airport Game promises "a universe of large, simulated airports" complete with plenty of secrets to find, as well as timetables and - of course - flight cancellations. There will be a whole alien language to translate and plenty of ways to have "awkward conversations with your canine fellow passengers". To those of you who are antsy about this sort of thing - I know I am - Dog Airport Game will also allow you to pet any dog at any time using "an infinite number of hands". The devs describe the game as an "unapologetically kind" world in which all of the characters are "happy to see you and happy you're here".

Definitely a dog in An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs
This "dog" is just one of the many animals in An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs.

You'll be able to check out An Airport For Aliens Currently Run By Dogs in holiday 2020, when it will launch for PC via Steam as well as Xbox Series X. It'll be a Series X console exclusive. We don't know whether this is a timed exclusive or the game will simply never launch on PS5, so when we know more, we'll bring it to you. Until then, start getting excited to pet all the dogs. 

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