Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions Debuts the War-Hungry Shakarn

Published: April 16, 2020 1:15 PM /


Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions cover

The Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions expansion has been announced and it's bringing with it a brand-new race who's ready to kick your butt across the galaxy.

Let's get right to it: check out the Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions Announcement Trailer to get hyped for this brand-new content:

If you haven't been keeping up with Age of Wonders: Planetfall, this is the latest game from the franchise's creator Triumph Studios. Previous games had more of a medieval flair to them, but this latest iteration switches up the genre to sci-fi.

Now, a brand-new expansion is on the way to supplement the game's previous Revelations expansion. It's jam-packed with some fun new content for you to enjoy — along with a terrifying new adversary.

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What's Coming in Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions?

The major highlight of Invasions is the addition of a new race, the Shakarn. These creepy lizards have been chilling at the edges of Star Union space for hundreds of years. Now that the Star Union has fallen, the Shakarn are coming back to wage war on everyone else.

The debut of the Shakarn will include a new campaign comprised of 2 missions to tell their story. More details about this race will be released in a future developer diary.

That's not all that's coming, though; the terrifying Voidbringers will also be making an appearance in this expansion. What they are (and what their goals are) is, for now, a mystery.

Several other items of note were also mentioned, including:

  • The return of the World Event system
  • A new NPC faction
  • New exploration sites
  • New wildlife units
  • A new cooperative world template

You can read about everything else coming with this expansion in the Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions announcement on the Paradox forums.

When is the Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions Release Date?

Now that we know what's coming in this game, when can you get it?

Unfortunately, there's going to be a wee bit of a wait. Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions will launch on all platforms on May 26, 2020. In the meantime, you can pick up the base game on Steam at the price of $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the new content coming in Age of Wonders: Planetfall Invasions? Are you hyped to play as the Shakarn? Let us know in the comments below!

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