After Microsoft Acquisition, inXile Founder Plans to Expand Studio, Further Develop Unannounced Title

Published: November 20, 2018 10:00 AM /


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Thanks to a recent interview with Brian Fargo, inXile Entertainment's founder, the developer's future in Microsoft's family has been illuminated. The developer looks to expand its workforce. Additionally, Fargo confirmed that inXile is working on an unannounced title, aside from Wasteland 3.

This interview comes courtesy of Eurogamer, more than a week after Microsoft announced its acquisition of inXile at XO18. A major point that Fargo stressed is that the daily workings at his company remain the same, despite Microsoft's purchase.


"In the short-term, I don't think a lot's going to change," Fargo said. "It's almost like if my guys didn't know we were bought, they wouldn't even realize. Everything literally remains the same."

The unannounced project that's in the works at inXile is something Microsoft was "quite keen on." Fargo's team will be getting more time and resources to work on this project, with a nearly 30-percent increase in employees in the short term. Its current headcount of 70 full-time employees could increase to more than 90.

Fargo has stressed that Microsoft is taking a pretty hands-off approach. A console port of The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep has been planned, and it will likely still come to PlayStation 4. Wasteland 3 is still planned for PS4, in spite of Microsoft's longstanding rivalry with Sony.


Fargo has also said that inXile will not be crowdfunding through Fig anymore, thanks to the acquisition. Despite being a new addition to the Microsoft family, however, the industry veteran emphasized his company's regained independence.

Ultimately we get to decide what we're going to make — they've been very clear on that, they've not once said, 'We'd really love you to do more of this or less of that,' — that's never been a conversation.
Microsoft announced its purchase of inXile at XO18 along with its acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment. Both developers create similar games, but Fargo dispelled any worries about the two merging into one company under the Microsoft umbrella.

"There's absolutely no plans to lump us together or have us work in the same office or anything of that nature. What could come out of it, of course, is we're going to have a tighter relationship," Fargo said. "We're going to be less competitive and more like brothers, and as we compare notes I'm hoping there could be some synergies so we can help each other across town."

Are you excited for inXile's unannounced project getting help from Microsoft? How do you think this will affect Wasteland 3, which is still scheduled for 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

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