Adventure Game Unforeseen Incidents Announced

Published: June 30, 2016 8:30 AM /



How many of us still remember the golden age of adventure games, when the likes of Ron Gilbert, Roberta Williams, and Pierre Gilhodes first introduced gaming to fun, mysterious, and quirky worlds ripe for exploration and petty theft? Adventure games have undergone a renaissance recently, and between studios like Telltale Games, Wadjet Eye Games, and Daedalic Entertainment, the drought of point-and-click adventures has ended. Now, two small studios have joined forces and announced work on a new entry into the genre. Application Systems and Backwoods Entertainment have begun collaboration on a project called Unforeseen Incidents. The team will demo their work in Cologne, Germany at Gamescom 2016, hope to release sometime in 2017, and are currently on Steam Greenlight.

Expressing their nostalgia for the heyday of adventure gaming, and a desire to emulate it, the team wrote: 

We love adventure games. We especially love those adventure games that were made back in the 90s, when the genre had its golden days. Those games were crafted with a lot of love and passion for detail. With our game, we want to bring back the feeling that gamers had when they played adventure games back then.

Unforeseen Incidents brings a rich and interesting story, intriguing and compelling characters, hilarious and engaging dialog, and demanding but well balanced puzzles to a thoroughly crafted mysterious and atmospheric world. Players will get the chance to undergo a unique, wonderful game experience in a modern but classic style adventure game.

Unforeseen Incidents is presented in a hand-painted art style, and bills itself as both humorous and thrilling, with challenging puzzles and witty dialog. Little more has yet been announced, but hopefully, these aficionados of the old-school can recreate the sense of discovery and exploration that many so loved in those bygone days and move on to other such projects in the future.

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