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Adorable PlayStation VR Title Moss Sneaks Out February 27

Gaming article by Robert N. Adams on Monday, February 19, 2018 - 15:38

Polyarc's adorable mouse-centered adventure Moss will be heading to the PlayStation VR on February 27, 2018, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog.

Moss is a PlayStation VR title where players will adventure through a mysterious land with a warrior mouse by the name of Quill. She'll help you work your way through the game's levels in VR and occasionally fend off the bad guys with her magical sword. Check out the PlayStation VR launch trailer for the game to get a feel for what's to come:

In the trailer, we see a few different settings of the game ranging from dense forests to ruined temples decorated with the statues of former warrior mice, all from a perspective that's a bit closer to the ground than normal. Quill begins her quest in the tiny town of the Clearing, watched over by her mentor Argus who trained her in the art of the sword. (Seeing as he's an older mentor character, I'm putting 50/50 odds on him falling to a terrible tragedy at some point in the game). The player can help out Quill by opening up doors and solving puzzles to reveal the path forward for her, and you'll be able to direct her towards fighting some of the enemies you'll come across in the game's levels.


Check out our hands-on impressions of Moss from E3 to see what we thought of the game. If you're not keen on waiting for the release, you can pre-order the game over at the PlayStation Store for $29.99 or your regional equivalent. Head on over to the game's official website to see some of the characters, locations, & monsters that you can expect to see in this upcoming game. You'll be able to adventure with your cute little mouse companion on February 27, 2018.

What do you think of Moss? Does the premise of the game appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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