Adorable Corgi Pokemon and More Spotted on the E3 Showroom Floor

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Pokemon Sword and Shield already had its own standalone Nintendo Direct, but that didn't stop a bunch of new details from making its way to the Nintendo Treehouse segment of E3 this year.

The biggest news, however, was the sightings of two new Pokemon in the game during the game's demo, both of which have been confirmed to be real, with screenshots taken of the two monsters from the show floor.

Though a total of ten Pokemon from the new Galar Region have been officially revealed, the two new monsters bring that official count to twelve, with some fans speculating on a thirteenth critter thanks to both a possibly credible rumor, and evidence found in the game's demo.

For those who don't wish to know who these Pokemon are, do not look at the screenshots below or read beyond this point. You have been warned.


The first Pokemon is a pure-electric type named Yamper, an adorable looking corgi-like Pokemon. Yamper received a lot of attention and as such, we have more details to report on due to it. First off, it has a new ability called Ball Fetch, which will fetch the first failed poke ball thrown at a wild pokemon.

Yamper was shown to know the moves Crunch, Play Rough, Spark, and Wild Charge, implying it may be a physical attacker or physically oriented. Its in-game statistics at level 50 read seemed to favor attack over special attack, and Yamper had a hefty amount of special defense as well, but low speed.

yamper sword and shield
Yamper in action.

The second revealed Pokemon is named Impidimp, a mischievous looking, imp-like Pokemon with the unique Dark/Fairy combination. Little is known about Impidimp as it was a combatant on an opposing trainers team other than its design and typing. The moves shown in the demo included Assurance, Sucker Punch and Play Rough, also implying a physical-heavy moveset.

impidimp sword and shield
Impidimp in Sword and Shield.

A third monster is heavily suspected to also have been revealed, at least inadvertently. According to Serebii, evidence of a squirrel-like Pokemon was also spotted in the demo, notably on the t-shirt of a trainer and possibly in the crowd scenes in the background of the Water Gym battle.


This Squirrel may be real, or based on a Chipmunk, as a rumor posted on 4chan on May 23rd more or less predicted many of the details seen in both the Pokemon Direct and in the E3 demo, including the new Dynamaxing system, the name of your players rival, Gym Leader Nessa, and an electric-type Corgi Pokemon named 'Pamper'.

The rumor itself features more details that I won't name here, but they include the evil team name, the names, and descriptions of other Pokemon, Gym Leaders, and in-game features.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are scheduled for release on November 15th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It was also one of our nominees for Best of E3 2019 Show, impressing the TechRaptor ground team.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you like the designs of the new Pokemon? Leave your comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our E3 Coverage at our E3 Coverage Hub

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