ActRaiser Spiritual Successor SolSeraph Hits Consoles And PC On July 10th

Published: June 28, 2019 10:20 AM /



Do you have fond memories of ActRaiser? If so, you'll probably want to check out SolSeraph, Sega and ACE Team's ActRaiser spiritual successor. The game will launch for PC and consoles on July 10th.

SolSeraph casts you as an almighty divinity tasked with rebuilding civilization and protecting your people from monsters. You are Helios, the Knight of Dawn, sent to keep humanity safe from the Younger Gods. These arrogant, cruel deities torment humankind with fires, storms, floods, and other natural disasters. The tribes of humanity are now scattered around the world and struggling to survive. It's up to you to unite them, keep them safe, and banish the Younger Gods. Check out the trailer below:

Just like ActRaiserSolSeraph combines 2D side-scrolling action gameplay with top-down strategy and management. During the side-scrolling sections, you'll play as Helios, battling enemies with your sword and shield and upgrading your abilities. The management sections will consist of helping villagers to shape their village and defend themselves from monsters. You must build houses and farms to keep your villagers sheltered and fed, as well as archer towers and barracks to aid in each village's defense.

There's a pretty significant pedigree behind SolSeraph. The game's writer is Jonas Kyrazes, who's worked on adventure game The Sea Will Claim Everything and philosophical puzzle game The Talos Principle. In addition, SolSeraph's opening theme comes courtesy of original ActRaiser composer Yuzo Koshiro. If you're hankering for a slab of old-school ActRaiser-style action, it looks like this will very much be your jam.

SolSeraph will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 10th. It'll set you back $14.99. For more info about the game, you can check out its official website.

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