Action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Now Available, Check Out The Launch Trailer

Shiness The The Lightning Kingdom Launch 2

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Action RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Now Available, Check Out The Launch Trailer

April 18, 2017

By: Rutledge Daugette

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Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
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April 18, 2017 (Calendar)
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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is a game that has been 20 years in the making - conceptualized and brought to life through the writing of Samir Rebib, Enigami's Creative Director. This Action RPG blends traditional roleplaying game elements with combat that draws inspiration from the fighting genre, set in a unique world for players to explore. In Shiness, players will find themselves crash-landing in a hostile land, and caught between a raging multi-kingdom conflict, they must find a way to unify the world of Mahera.

Check out the launch trailer below, and read on to learn a bit more about the game - releasing today!

Shiness puts you in control of Chado and his four friends on an epic journey to unite a world that is fractured and fighting. Each character has their own special abilities, and with combat that's heavily inspired by traditional fighting games like Street Fighter - how you mix combat techniques like combos, blocks, parries, and even magic will dictate your success in battle.


Shiness The Lightning Kingdom Launch Fighting

With that said, your abilities actually matter outside of battle too. As you make your way across and around Mahera, you'll encounter a number of obstacles and puzzles that you'll have to complete in order to move forward. You will also need to collect parchments that will unlock new skills. Make the best use of each character's unique abilities, like Kayenne's telekinesis used to manipulate the environment around you as you seek to complete these puzzles or tackle obstacles.

Like any other RPG, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom will have you gaining experience through fights across the world, as well as your progression through the overarching storyline and the numerous sidequests that you'll encounter along the way. With each level up, evolve your characters to learn new skills and spells to be used inside and outside of combat, with each playable character offering a different fighting style!

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom releases today for $29.99 (15% off on some platforms) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can pick it up at Green Man Gaming (affiliate) or Steam, as well as directly on Xbox and PlayStation.


Quick Take

I've already picked up the game, and I'm so amped to play it. The art, music, and style send me back to the early days of Playstation 2 where I dumped HOURS into Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2, and the combat instantly reminds me of Legend of Legaia's "arts" on Playstation 1. Can't wait to hop into this world tonight.

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