Action Platformer LoL Game CONV/RGENCE Announced

December 12, 2019

By: Andrew Otton


Tonight at The Game Awards, a second League of Legends game was announced: CONV/RGENCE. Described as an action platformer with a deep story, CONV/RGENCE sees you take on the role of Ekko. As Ekko, you can manipulate time, but that of course comes with its own consequences.

CONV/RGENCE is all about learning about League of Legends champion Ekko and their story, so if you're an Ekko fan (which there are a lot of), there's a lot to look forward to. Plus, who doesn't like a good stab at a timebending story. 

CONV/RGENCE is being developed by Double Stallion Games, the developers behind Speed Brawl.  There is no release date yet but CONV/RGENCE is coming to consoles and PC when it releases.

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