Abuget Cup 2017 Results

Published: July 31, 2017 6:59 PM /


Abuget Cup 2017

Abuget Cup 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia has concluded. The event is a major stop for both the Capcom Pro Tour and Tekken World Tour, meaning that notable Asian pros for both games participated in hopes of guaranteeing their place in the world finals of their respective circuits. In addition to Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 headlining the event, tournaments were also held for Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, and The King of Fighters XIV. Streaming for the event was handled entirely by AdvanceGuardTV on Twitch.

As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name]” format, with their used characters in brackets. Abuget Cup did not use Smash.gg to organize their brackets, so there will not be any links to them; and due to The King of Fighters XIV, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, and BlazBlue: Central Fiction being particularly small tournaments with few entrants, only the top 4 of each were aired as the finals, as opposed to the full top 8.

Street Fighter V

  • 1. CyG BST | Daigo [Guile]
  • 2. CO | GO1 [Chun-li, Ibuki]
  • 3. Talon | Xiaobao [Vega]
  • 4. CO | Dogura [Urien]
  • 5. Moke [Rashid]
  • 5. Zowie | Oil King [Rashid]
  • 7. VSFV | Chuan [Guile]
  • 7. HotDog29 [M. Bison]
Daigo takes the top spot with his dominating Guile, once again holding off the accusations by some naysayers insisting that he's long past his prime. Xiaobao's third place finish could possibly have some reevaluating Vega's place on the tier list, and Moke, the young underdog from Evo 2017's finals, ties for fifth, further proving that he's a contender worth keeping an eye on.

Tekken 7

  • 1. Knee [Bryan, Dragunov, Kazuya]
  • 2. PBE | Doujin [Lars, Shaheen, Claudio, Gigas, Hwoarang]
  • 3. Echo Fox | Saint [Jack-7, Eddy, Bob]
  • 4. UDG | Book [Jin]
  • 5. PBE | AK [Jack-7, Shaheen]
  • 5. NetNews | Pekos [Bob]
  • 7. CO | Tanukana [Xiaoyu]
  • 7. Armageddon | Meat [Jack-7]
Multi-character masters, Knee and Doujin, make up the top two spots with the former taking home the trophy. Saint, who flew solo for this tournament, unaccompanied by his teammate, JDCR, took third. Tanukana, who had a particularly bad run at Evo after drowning in pools, managed to redeem herself by breaking into top 8 and finishing at 7th.

King of Fighters XIV

  • 1. HuomaoTV | E.T. [Iori/Clark/Meitenkun, Mian/Clark/Meitenkun]
  • 2. KentutBerdahak [Daimon/Clark/Iori]
  • 3. VSFV | KOFMaster [Mature/Mai/Iori]
  • 4. Zephy [Kyo/Sylvie/Mai]
Evo 2017's KOFXIV champion, E.T., proves his win wasn't some sort of fluke by maintaining consistency in Asia in a dominating fashion.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

  • 1. CO | Dogura [Raven]
  • 2. GGVN | Ice Cube [May]
  • 3. DivisionRing [Axl]
  • 4. GGVN | Puppy [I-No]
Try as the rest might, Dogura is one of the most consistent Japanese Guilty Gear pros out there right now, and he handily swept his competition.

BlazBlue Central Fiction

  • 1. DivisionRing [μ -No.12-]
  • 2. GGVN | Puppy [Es]
  • 3. GGVN | Ice Cube [Jin, Azrael]
  • 4. James [Izanami]
After being sent to losers finals from winners finals by DivisionRing and forced to eliminate his teammate, Puppy fought for the opportunity to have a runback in grand finals, where he was only barely denied a reset by his opponent.

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