Absurd Arena Fighter Taco Gun Releasing On PC Soon

Published: May 4, 2018 9:59 PM /



If you enjoy playful local multiplayer fighters and stuffing your face, Taco Gun may be the perfect game for you.

Players adopt the role of a menacing pistolero who's both hardened and scarred in a world where bullets manifest in the form of food. Deadly Mexican standoffs are everywhere and rapidly thrown taco shells will need to be dodged with keen precision. Although the abundance of delicious food may seem enticing, the world you'll reside in is unforgiving and difficult to survive in.

Paired with an arsenal full of coconuts, chili peppers, and other foods you'll find along the way, success is all about being able to land a quick shot. Shoot your opponents before they can shoot you, and you're at a massive advantage. There are eight separate messy levels you'll be able to test out, which each contain environments that offer some refuge, so be sure to look for some cover as the food-fights grow more intense. You'll have seven different characters to choose from that all contain unique quirks, so choose whichever fits your play-style the best.

This party game is all about shooting up your friends until they explode during local multiplayer. You may play with two to four individuals and choose which character or level you wish to destroy before beginning each match. The more creative you can get, the more likely you are to see amusing results. Mix some chili sauces to create Molotov cocktails that you may swing at your foes, or utilize power-ups to command that a storm of tacos come showering down from the narrow heavens onto your opponents.

The developers over at Floating Island Studio have recently announced that Taco Gun will be coming to Steam on May 17 following two years of development. If this seems enticing to you, be sure to check out the trailer below.


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