AbleGamers Launches Accessible.Games to Connect Disabled Gamers with Developers

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AbleGamers Launches Accessible.Games to Connect Disabled Gamers with Developers

April 20, 2019

By: Robert Grosso


AbleGamers, the charity dedicated to launching accessible games for disabled gamers, has created a brand new website to help developers connect with their community.

Named Accessible.Games, the aim of the website is "to connect players with disabilities to the games industry, inspire game professionals in accessible game design, drive ideation and creation of new accessible solutions, and test games for accessibility so that everyone can game".

Two specific features of the website are specifically designed to help disabled gamers receive a voice in game development. The first feature would be access to AbleGamers Accessible Player Experience Portal (APX). The APX Portal is designed to be a user-friendly hub for developers to learn about the "APX Triangle" and 22 other design patterns that serve as tools for developers to make their games more accessible.

"With APX, we are shifting the aim of accessible design to be about making these experiences possible for players with disabilities through a variety of different options," states the website. AbleGamers also makes it clear that providing accessibility does not mean removing challenge from games.


The second feature is the AbleGamers Player Panels, which are direct one-on-one connections between game developers and gamers. The panels also provide a way for players with disabilities a chance to give direct feedback to developers, while developers, in turn, can bring ideas or to players to gain valuable feedback that would help improve their design.

Developers and others can sign up for their newsletter on the site today.



Quick Take

This is a great idea by AbleGamers, and I hope the website takes off as a teaching tool for willing developers. Having direct feedback and literature that they can access to help improve their game design to be accessible for players should become more of the norm for the gaming community, and I love the work AbleGamers has done in making this a visible issue in the gaming community.

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