AbleGamers Hosting "Ability" Charity Fundraising Event

Published: October 4, 2016 10:37 AM /



AbleGamers is a rising video game themed charity benefiting gamers with disabilities, in particular those disabilities which may impair their ability to game. The charity seeks to make video games more accessible by encouraging developers to include accessibility settings, innovate and share new technology that makes it easier to play, and award grants to help pay for often prohibitively expensive peripherals designed to assist disabled players. AbleGamers has been a registered not-for-profit charity since 2009, but this year is unveiling their new charity event to encourage others to fundraise for the cause. Similar to charities like Extra Life and Child's Play, AbleGamers will be hosting a 24-hour fundraising event in which individuals and teams will work to promote the charity's mission and raise as much money as possible. The event, called "Ability", will take play on October 8th.



In their FAQ, AbleGamers says the funds raised will go towards equipping players who are disabled with the individualized technology they need to continue gaming or try it for the first time. Those who wish to participate can sign up as an individual or create a team. While many will be doing streaming events to raise money, the charity encourages people to be creative in their efforts.

Currently, AbleGamers has the humble goal of $100,000 to reach by the end of October 8th. They have already reached almost $10,000 nearly a week prior. Participants are encouraged to spread the word with the Twitter hashtag #SoEveryoneCanGame. AbleGamers is supported by several developers and community leaders, and "Ability" is sponsored by several companies including Twitch, Humble Bundle, and Harmonix.

This year, the TechRaptor Stream Team will be participating in the "Ability" event beginning on October 7th. The team will be streaming 12 hours a day on Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8th. You can donate to our team page or individual member pages. If you have a request for a game you would like to see, send a message to one of our streamers and you may see it. Some streamers have already pledged to play certain games if they reach specific donation levels. 

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