Abandoned Update Finally Goes Live with Teaser Trailer

The Abandoned Realtime Experience app is finally live on PS5, but the next piece of content for this PlayStation console exclusive from Blue Box Game Studios is disappointing players.

Published: August 13, 2021 4:58 PM /


Abandoned update Twitter cover

Following some apparent delays, an Abandoned update has gone live on the PS5 and is giving players a very brief first look at this upcoming PlayStation console exclusive from Blue Box Game Studios.

Abandoned was first revealed to the world back in April 2021. Since then, the developers promised to deliver a trailer and gameplay demonstration app in June, but that ended up getting delayed. Then, it got delayed again until August.

The day finally arrived earlier this week — the Abandoned update was supposed to go live on August 10 and give players a fresh first look at the game. You can probably tell where this is going: it was delayed again and a number of tweets covering the problems have since been deleted by Blue Box, as they finally fixed the issue today. So now, Blue Box Game Studios has finally pushed the update to PlayStation gamers.

Abandoned update Twitter in-game PS5
The Abandoned update has activated the app and added a teaser trailer.

What's New in the Abandoned Update on PS5?

The Abandoned update contains a short five-second trailer and access to an app as seen in the screenshot above. Yes, that's all for now. The announcement of the Abandoned Realtime Experience app's launch was made earlier today on Blue Box Game Studios Twitter.

Currently, the Abandoned app promises to give players access to the following in the future:

  • Trailers
    • Introduction
    • Cinematic reveal trailer
    • Trailer
    • Release Trailer
  • Gameplay demos
    • Gameplay demonstration #1
    • Gameplay demonstration #2

Unfortunately, the only element of the app that's live is the "Introduction" trailer which was also posted on Twitter by Blue Box Game Studios — check it out for yourself:

The Introduction trailer shows a man — presumably the protagonist — walking along a dimly-lit hallway towards a blue light. A subtitle notes that it was captured on a PS5 using the Realtime Experience app.

There's only one other final note: TechRaptor's Events Coordinator Andrew Stretch tells me that there isn't any DualSense functionality with the trailer or the app as far as he can tell. He even tried a few different permutations of the Konami Code to no avail.

You can get the Abandoned Realtime Experience app on the PlayStation Store. Otherwise, your best bet for staying updated about the game is to follow Blue Box Game Studios on Twitter and keep an eye on its official website. There's a lot of weirdness surrounding this game and it's something to keep an eye on.

What do you think of the Abandoned Realtime Experience app? When do you think we'll get a more substantial update on the game's progress? Let us know in the comments below!

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