Abandoned PS5 Trailers App Delayed Until August

Published: June 25, 2021 10:56 AM /


A spooky snowy forest in the upcoming PS5 horror game Abandoned

The Abandoned PS5 trailers app has been delayed once again. After suffering a delay of a few days earlier this week, the app has now been pushed back to August, which will come as a serious blow to anyone who was hoping for a gameplay reveal this week.

What's the reason for this Abandoned PS5 trailers app delay?

In a video posted on developer Blue Box Studios' Twitter account, Blue Box's Hasan Kahraman says the team has found the last two weeks "stressful" and is feeling tired by its workload. As such, Hasan says the app is being delayed to August in order to give players a "solid impression" of the game. He says there are various aspects of the trailers app that are "not there yet", including last-minute bug-squashing and ongoing localization issues. As such, the app will now launch alongside the first official Abandoned trailer later this year.

When the Abandoned PS5 trailers app does land, it'll feature trailers and gameplay footage for Abandoned which are rendered in real time using PS5 hardware. Originally intended to launch earlier this week, the app was delayed due to what Blue Box calls "localization issues". It was then supposed to launch for PS5 today, but as Hasan points out, that's not going to happen anymore, and we'll have to wait quite a bit longer to see the first snippets of Abandoned gameplay.

What is Abandoned?

First announced in April this yearAbandoned is a horror and survival-tinged FPS set in an open-world environment. Blue Box says it'll take a "realistic approach" to survival and will feature a cinematic storyline revolving around Jason Longfield, a man who wakes up in a forest with no memory of how or why he's there. Abandoned will feature motion-capture gameplay and will run at 60FPS and in native 4K resolution.

In recent weeks, Abandoned has gained traction thanks to a conspiracy theory alleging that Hasan and Blue Box are in fact a front for legendary developer Hideo Kojima, and that Abandoned is actually his next game (which may or may not be the long-dead Silent Hills). In response to this theory, Hasan posted a video of himself to prove that he was real, but it doesn't seem to have deterred a lot of adherents to the theory. Perhaps this new video will put paid to some people's conspiracy theorizing. We'll have to wait and see what happens with Abandoned next.

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