Abandoned N64 Game Dragon Sword May be Completed by Piko Interactive

Published: January 30, 2019 8:41 PM /


dragon sword n64 promo screen

The Nintendo 64 has had several games that have been famously abandoned. One such game was Dragon Sword, a hack and slash RPG by the now-defunct publisher Interactive Studios. Now, nearly twenty years later, the game may be completed.

Developed by Team Storm, the developers behind the 1998 platformer Glover, Dragon Sword was announced in 1998 for a 1999 release date, but was canceled for unknown reasons. In 2010, an incomplete beta was released on the web, riddled with unresolved bugs in an unfinished state.

Today, it was announced that Piko Interactive has picked up the rights to the game, along with the games source code. They later teased on Twitter that "Hopefully the game can be finished."

Known for release retro-styled games, Piko Interactive has recently been re-releasing unlicensed and abandoned retro games from various consoles, from the NES to the Game Boy Advance. They recently began working on Nintendo 64 titles, most notably 40 Winks, a platform adventure game which they funded via Kickstarter for over $131,000. 40 Winks was originally released on the PlayStation, with a Nintendo 64 version planned and developed, but never completed in the early 2000s.

It is possible that Piko Interactive is looking into finishing Dragon Sword, making it their second abandoned title to be released for the console in the modern era.

Quick Take

Those who read my stuff know I care deeply about game preservation. The buggy demo of Dragon Sword in of itself is a rarity, considered almost all known copies of the games code were either locked away from the now defunct Interactive Studios, or lost completely. Piko is also one of the leading teams of developers out there who has been re-releasing abandoned games, which is slowly becoming a popular form of game preservation for retro titles.

Hopefully they do some work with Dragon Sword, and give it the 40 Winks treatment.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Willing to play a 20 year old game on from the N64 days? Leave your comments below. 


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