8 Minutes of Until Dawn Gameplay Released

Published: December 17, 2014 5:06 PM /


Sony Until Dawn Footage

Supermassive Games has released an eight-minute long video of demoed gameplay featured at Sony's PlayStation Experience event. The footage is a short introduction to one of the female members of the cast and highlights the "butterfly" system.

According to an entry posted on the Sony PlayStation blog by Peter Samuels, the Executive Director at Supermassive Games, the developer is releasing this demo gameplay to show off several elements that will be important to understanding the game once released. This demo footage also accompanies a new trailer for the game. Until Dawn is a choice based interactive horror game that involves eight teenage friends trapped in a cabin with a killer. The character shown first bathing and later running from the masked killer is Sam, played by actress Hayden Panettiere. Until Dawn is said to have thousands of different choices thanks to an integrated system that accounts for player decisions. The Butterfly System records every decision made by the player, even small ones that can be split-second choices, and relates it to the grand scheme of the story. According to the developer every character in the house can live, or a few can survive and if the player makes the wrong call the entire group can die. On the matter of choice Samuels' said:

"This play-through represents only one of the many different paths possible. Each split-second decision you make as you play could put you on a new path. Any single decision may not be fatal, but your actions could have deadly consequences for your character later in the story."
In previous gameplay footage players were tasked with making a moral choice that involved the lives of two of the group of friends but this the recent demo there is far more tense moments. Be sure to watch for the actions taken by the player in this footage. One of the cooler moments is when the player is forced to freeze and hold the controller still as the masked man walks about the room searching for Sam. Until Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and is expected to release sometime around the summer of 2015.

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