502 Krew RPG Speedrun Marathon Is Over - Here's the Recap

Published: May 4, 2015 12:46 AM /


502 Marathon 3 Featured Image

The 502 Krew RPG Speedrun Marathon is now over after finishing its third day. The final day had good runs of Ys Origin, Megaman Battle Network 3, Pokemon Red, and the last part of Treasure of Rudra, as well as a four way race on the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The goal of the marathon was to gather $800 to send some of the group's runners to SGDQ 2015, and at the end they've raised over $965, completing their goal. Below you'll find a list of all the games played during the marathon, their runners, and their times in chronological order.


Super Mario RPG, run by 0xwas in the Any% category: 2:56:57.

Secret of Mana, run by LeonP in the 1p2c category: 2:21:27.

Lufia II, run by Trogdor in the Any% Glitchless category: 4:18:27.

Treasure of Rudra, run by Zerovii in the Riza's Scenario category: 2:24:00.

Phoenix Wright, run by Boredeathly in the original story category: 2:50:15.

Final Fantasy Legend, run by ShinerCCC in the Any% Glitchless category: 1:38:51.

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, run by Arcbliss in the Any% category: 2:24:15.

Final Fantasy V, run by Knox in the Any% category: 5:10:24.

Dragon Quest 3, run by Countdown in the Any% category: 5:06:30.

Treasure of Rudra, run by Ramsus88 in the Sion's Scenario category: 2:15:14.

Treasure of Rudra, run by Nacho in the Surlent and Final Scenario category: 3:00:30.

Ys Origin, run by Caerulius in the Toal Any% category: 1:58:27.

Megaman Battle Network 3, run by Mashystrr in the Any% category: 3:48:43.

Pokemon Red, run by Supreme in the Any% Glitchless category: 2:18:52.

Pokemon TCG Race, run by Wawlconut, Countdown, Caerulius, and Mashystrr in the Any% No Tutorial category: Won by Mashystrr with 1:50:30.


Thank you especially to LeonPowalski and Boredeathly who talked with us over the past two days about the marathon and speedrunning, and good luck to all the runners who will be participating at Collectathon 2 on May 22nd through May 25th and for those participating in Summer Games Done Quick 2015 on July 26th through August 1st. We will do our best to provide coverage of those events in some way and look forward to all the runs these events have to offer.

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