30 Minutes of MGS5 Gameplay Shown

A brand new half-hour segment of MGS5 Gameplay has been shown off in a live stream today, and we've broken it all down for you.

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MGS5 screenshot showing an army base

A video featuring around 30 minutes of Metal Gear Solid 5 gameplay was shown today via live stream. Calling in airstrikes, men (and goats) lifting into the air, 3-dimensional menu screens, and horses defecating in real-time were just a few of the many things we saw in this half-hour demonstration.

New Metal Gear Solid 5 Footage Shown in Livestream

Beginning with a 3-minute cutscene (very short by this series standards) we see the vast Afghanistan landscape open before us. Taking out an enemy guard post, snake is able to attach balloons to the unconscious enemies and even a wild goat to be taken away and become members of the Diamond Dogs PMC (costing you 300 in game currency each). Part way through the demonstration Snake finds himself trying to infiltrate a well guarded facility. Using a new item called the Phantom Cigar, he is able to speed up time without ever leaving a trace he was there (the Phantom Cigar is an E-cigarette that produces holographic smoke). Once the right time comes, he can take advantage of the guard shifts changing. You can also call in supply drop requests and even air strikes thanks to the mother base support system featured in the game.

MGS 5 Screenshot showing a blue digital map depicting some kind of military installation.

It must be said that Phantom Pain looks much faster and more fluid than its predecessors. The player can take advantage of more vertical options of stealth climbing over buildings and ruble. While in past games you would wait for the legendary soldier to slowly move up and settle into place, in this outing moving up a short wall or over a fence was quick, fluid, and never stopped the flow of gameplay.

Later, Snake returns to base and we get to see what the mother base looks like. They mention that mother base is upgradable with the resources you acquire during missions. While it will start out as a single platform, you can grow and expand it into a massive ocean base. Every players base will be unique to them. While touring the base, you can see all the people you ballooned back here, even the sheep from earlier in the demonstration! A PoW rescued during the showcase was also seen touring the base as a new loyal soldier. Full artillery devices can even be brought back from the field.

Metal Gear Solid 5 screenshot showing Snake stood to the right of the screen looking at a soldier off to the right.

The MGS5 demo ends with the dynamic weather system changing to a more dramatic rain as the base falls under attack. The player dashes to a helicopter using the unique shortcuts of the base they created. He hops in as the chopper presumably takes him to the attack spot to defend the base, which we unfortunately don't get to see.

MGS5 looks to be bigger and more complex that any of the previous games. The base building and support growth looks to be a very useful function that could provide a lot of the new strategy to the series. While we didn't get to see what an attack on your base is like, we hope in the future to see more on that and the rest of the game as well. For the latest Metal Gear news, keep checking in on TechRaptor!


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