3 New Titles From MangaGamer Announced At Otakon

Published: July 31, 2019 10:05 PM /


sakura dreamers

At Otakon, MangaGamer announced three new titles that it will be publishing here in the west. No release dates have been given for any of the titles just yet, but in the announcement, MangaGamer does hint at potential release dates sometime during this summer.

The first title announced was Sakuranomori Dreamers, a visual novel from Moonstone. Sakuranomori Dreamers is a horror drama that focuses on the student, Shinji, who develops the ability to see ghosts after a tragedy. When he begins to see the ghost of a murdered classmate his investigation into her death begins, which leads him and his friends down a rabbit hole full of monsters as they search for someone who should be dead but isn't.


sakuranomori dreamers

Next is the hack and slash adventure title from Lunasoft, Magic & Slash: Riru's Sexy Grand Adventure. After an evil villain escapes from prison newbie adventurer Riru sets off to bring them to justice. You'll be able to customize your build with a large amount of melee and magic skills, and equipment power-ups created from abilities and attribute bonuses you'll unlock throughout your adventure. Fighting through hoards of monsters in Magic & Slash: Riru's Sexy Grand Adventure while completing challenging achievements will be kept interesting with a selection of difficulty settings for all skill levels and classic action RPG fans.

magicslash rirus sexy grand adventure

Lastly, Moonstone's sister brand, Argonauts, brings us Uchikano: Living With My Girlfriend. Our main character, Keisuke, has just stepped into the adult world with his first real job and he begins to understand the less than exciting realities of the adult world. That's when his childhood friend, Ayame, ends up on his doorstep in need of a place to live as she prepares for her college entrance exams. Reconnecting with an old friend begins to lead to a budding romance as the two learn to live with one another and experience all the ups and downs that come along with that.

uchikano living with my girlfriend

As of right now, there are no set release dates for any of the three titles announced, but the hint at a summer release would mean that the wait won't be too much longer until you'll be able to add these titles to your collection.


What titles would you want MangaGamer to try to publish in the west that haven't made their way over yet? Let us know in the comments below!



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