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2K Confirms Mafia 3, Announcement Trailer to Come Next Week

July 28, 2015 10:29 AM

By: Sam Mcarthur-Mclean


2K have today announced that Mafia 3 is in development and will have a full reveal on August 5. 2K will be showing the announcement trailer for the long-rumoured game.





It was from 2K's twitter account that the announcement was made. 2K United Kingdom said,



We’re revealing next week! See the announcement trailer on 5/8/15 at 1PM BST.

Mafia 3 has been rumoured to be in development at 2K Czech, who are responsible for the first two Mafia games, though 2K never had anything to confirm, that is, until today. It was 5 years ago back in 2010 that Mafia 2 released and other than Top Spin 4 in 2011, 2K Czech have not made a game since then.

In January 2015 voice actor Rick Pasqualone, who played the main protagonist Vito Scaletta in Mafia 2, said on twitter, "Might have some Mafia news very soon!" However, 2K never confirmed anything at that time.



With Gamescom being held next week in Cologne the "Worldwide Reveal" will be shown there along with more info on the game. 2K have confirmed it will be a behind-closed-doors presentation however.

With this being an announcement of an announcement no other details were shared about the game, only the image shown above that shows four shadowy figures along with what seems to be a body bag. Pretty typical "mafiosa" stuff really. The cars perhaps hint at a later setting for this game, maybe the 60's. Also Vito Scaletta's voice actor tweeting about the game makes it is likely that past characters will show up in Mafia 3.

In a post GTA V world it will be interesting to see what Mafia 3 does in the open world crime genre and with Rockstar and 2K both being owned by Take 2 perhaps some tech will be shared.

The full announcement will be made next week at Gamescom by 2K. Look out for that news here.



How do you feel about this announcement? Are you excited? Has the time between Mafia 2 and this new one dampened that?

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