2020 Game Lets You Play Through the Chaos of Last Year

An aspiring game developer has created 2020 Game, a platformer about surviving through the disasters and notable events of last year.

Published: January 18, 2021 1:35 PM /


A 5G tower shooting out viruses from 2020 Game.

Anyone in the world can tell you that 2020 was a chaotic year that's certain to go down in the history books. However, one aspiring game developer used said year to create a game about surviving 2020. His game, 2020 Game, is a short browser-based platformer where players navigate their way through a variety of 2020's biggest events.

Created by an aspiring game designer named Max Garkavyy, 2020 Game starts off with as your character peacefully walks their way through the end of 2019. Then, the first of many disasters strike as the character winds up in Australia and the forests catch fire. Players will have to hop on fallen jogs to jump over fires, stopping their escape only to assist one of the many koalas adversely affected by the fires. From there, players will continue on, dodging COVID-19 viruses shot out by 5G towers (a common conspiracy theorist bogeyman,) briefly become famous on TikTok, take a moment of silence at a George Floyd memorial mural, and more.

According to Max's Donorbox page, he currently works at an office job in a large corporation, but game design is his true passion. 2020 Game is his attempt to prove his skills and pay the bills through making games. His Donorbox goal is $25,000, and he's currently at $23,554 as of this writing. The creation of 2020 Game took Max six months of work and released on the very first day of 2021, which means Max has managed to get a good amount of donors in nearly three weeks. While 2021 has certainly started off... interestingly, hopefully we won't have to deal with the cataclysmic disasters the game predicts will be featured in this year, or as Max displayed at the end of the game starring zombies, and aliens.

You can play 2020 Game on your web browser here. Also, you can donate to Max at his Donorbox link here.

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