11 Bit Studios Announces "Biggest Game Yet" Project Vitriol

The publishing wing of 11 Bit Studios has announced Project Vitriol, a narrative RPG developed by Fool's Theory that will be 11 Bit's biggest game to date

Published: June 17, 2022 10:00 AM /


Mysterious artwork showing what could be the main character of 11 Bit Studios and Fool's Theory's Project Vitriol

The publishing wing of 11 Bit Studios has announced Project Vitriol, which will be the studio's biggest project to date. Developed by Fool's Theory, Project Vitriol is a narrative RPG set in early 20th century Poland, and a full reveal is coming this summer.

What do we know about 11 Bit Studios' Project Vitriol?

Just a few days after teasing the rather odd-looking adventure The Alters, 11 Bit Studios (or, at least, its publishing wing) has announced its biggest project to date. Project Vitriol, which doesn't seem to be the game's final name, is a "morally ambiguous" narrative RPG taking place in Warsaw while it was under Russian tsarist rule in the early 20th century. We don't know too much about Project Vitriol yet; the teaser trailer, which was released alongside the game's announcement, simply features a shot of what looks like the main character, as well as a mysterious red symbol. The game's setting evokes folklore and mysticism, according to 11 Bit Studios, so expect plenty of weird stuff to happen.

A red symbol featured in the Project Vitriol trailer
Project Vitriol supposedly takes place in a time of "folklore, energy, and mysticism", and presumably, this symbol has a lot to do with that.

Why is Project Vitriol the biggest 11 Bit Studios game yet?

Impressively, 11 Bit Studios says that Project Vitriol will be its highest-budget project yet, with a budget "surpassing that of Frostpunk". Vitriol's budget stands at over 17 million Polish zloty, which works out at around $3.8 million US. Frostpunk's budget, meanwhile, was around 10 million zloty (about $2.2 million), so this is a significantly bigger production. Considering the epic production and design scope of Frostpunk, it sounds like Project Vitriol is going to be even more expansive in terms of ambition; this is evidently one of the more ambitious titles the publisher declared it would aim for a few years ago. In any case, 11 Bit Studios has a significant stake in developer Fool's Theory, so it's likely the two studios will be working together fairly closely on this project.

A city humming along in 11 Bit Studios' survival sim Frostpunk
The budget for Project Vitriol will be significantly larger than that of Frostpunk.

With a full reveal scheduled for the coming months, we'll have to wait and see what 11 Bit Studios and Fool's Theory have in store for us with regards to Project Vitriol. Of course, we'll bring you more on that as soon as we get it. In the meantime, if the mention of Frostpunk has you nostalgic for that relentlessly and brilliantly depressing game, you'll be pleased to know that there's a sequel on the way. Here's hoping that we hear more about that game soon as well.

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