Mutant Football League fights its way back! We talk with Michael Mendheim about the game at C2E2 2014

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Mutant Football League

Mutant League Football, originally produced by EA, is a game that still inspires nostalgia across a few generations of gamers. Released in 1993 the game took a very different approach to the sport of football, offering you both sport and war games. You took to the field with your team of mutants, playing the sport of football - all while attacking your enemies, avoiding the traps on the field (land mines, toxic waste, and more!), running plays, and "nasty audibles" to maim or take out your opponent. The game spawned a toy line and TV show that became quite popular, but due to bankruptcy EA was not able to take the game any further. Recently, the game came back into the spotlight when Michael Mendheim (the original lead designer) and his team began working on a new iteration (spiritual successor) of the series - Mutant Football League!

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Mendheim and his team have been working on the game on a while now, and are utilizing the Unity3D game engine to develop the game in. Towards the end of last year (2013) the team at Digital Dreams ran a Kickstarter which, while it did reach over $140,000 in funding, did not reach its goal of $750,000. When we spoke with Michael, he explained that part of the reason for the lack of funding is that people were upset about the focus on mobile, and after the Kickstarter ended he and his team talked with people in the gaming community and found that many wanted a focus on Steam and Console versions.

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We took a brief look at what Michael would show us from the images he brought with him, and the models look fantastic. Their shifted focus on PC and Console won't go unnoticed by the gaming community as, whom always love when a developer listens to them! The fact that their first Kickstarter failed has only served to make Michael want to work even harder on the title, and he guarantees that its going to be something that fans of both the old game and fans looking at the game for the first time, will love. Check out our interview with him below!

Big thanks to Michael for spending some time with us at C2E2 2014! Check out the links below for some more info, and stay tuned as we cover more news on Mutant Football League!!

Mutant Football League Website| Digital Dreams Entertainment WebsiteCheck out some original gameplay footage!

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