Indy PopCon 2014 - We talk Astral Terra with Tethys Interactive!

Published: June 19, 2014 10:15 AM /


Astral Terra PopCon

There was a great mix of tabletop and video game developers at Indy PopCon this year. We had the awesome opportunity to sit down with local game developer, Tethys Interactive and talked about their in-development game - Astral Terra!

As a little bit of background, Astral Terra is a voxel-based Action RPG that allows you to play and modify the game how you want, allowing you to terraform the world around you. Build a house, create your own homey cave, or build castle Greyskull! There's a ton of awesome features with the game as well, and there's a few in development as well (Check out the interview and details below!)

The developers have been working on the game for a little over a year, and it looks outright phenomenal! The character models are well done, and they have even more coming! The cool thing about the game is that you don't choose your class by the conventional, choose at character creation, way - but instead decide your class based on your in-game actions! Be a warrior through testing your mettle in combat, a priest by finding tomes in temples, or a wizard through collecting spellbooks in ruins across the planes!

Astral Terra Terrains

When we got our hands on the game, it was really cool to have the "power" to create whatever we wished in game. Wolf chasing you? Cage it in using build mode! Why not!? Prefer your dwelling in a cave instead of above ground? Why not create a cave and build your house inside! The options are unlimited!

Heres the features that you can expect in the upcoming game, as well as a gameplay video!

  • Dynamically Generated Infinite Worlds
  • Building and Sculpting
  • Mining and Crafting
  • Combat and looting
  • Discovery and Adventure
  • Skills & XP
  • Solo & Multiplayer Options
If you like what you see, head on over to Astral Terra or follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

We have more PopCon interviews coming soon, but keep an eye out for our upcoming Astral Terra Giveaway!

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