Becoming a Cult Leader - We Talk with Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan About Cultist Simulator

Published: May 30, 2018 2:00 PM /


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Ever wanted to be an all-powerful, Lovecraftian-esque leader with hordes of devoted and willing followers at your command as your pursue immortality and power? Move over Jim Jones, because have we got the game for you! Cultist Simulator is the latest offering from Fallen London and Sunless Sea developer Alexis Kennedy, and a step in a new direction. While it incorporates the same dark atmosphere and also pulls from many of the same influences, Cultist Simulator is definitely a game unto itself.

As the debut offering from indie studio Weather Factory, Cultist Simulator is not afraid to push the boundaries and take chances. In the style of a digital card game, it works by dealing out your cards and letting you decide which actions to take with them, each action taking up its own time on the board as you decide how to best allocate your resources. How you play your cards decides what you will then received from your actions and determines how you are able to proceed from there.

Narratively, Cultist Simulator begins by setting you in the role of an aspirant, recently fired from your tedious day to day job, only to happen upon a windfall when an old man that you knew dies and leaves you his fortune. In addition to enough funds for you to live on, among his relics are directions to an arcane bookshop and just enough information to nudge you in the direction of starting up your own cult in this bleak and bizarre world. Guided by dreams, torn between Passion and Reason, the type of leader you become is entirely up to you. And, as befitting the atmosphere of the world, the game does intentionally set you up to die, only to carry on with a new role in this very same world that you have already tinkered with.

Sound fun? We thought so, which is why we sat down to talk to Kennedy and producer Lottie Bevan about the ups and downs of developing the game, accidentally founding a real “cult” and about future plans for updating the game after release.

Cultist Simulator will be released May 31, 2018 and is developed by Weather Factory and published by Humble Bundle.

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