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There's a lot that you need to be managing in Zanki Zero. Between basics like characters' skill trees to making sure they're fed, to optimizing them in your party, and making sure not to feed them anything that will kill them, it can be a challenge. There's information that the game tells you, information that you might infer, and plenty that you won't realize until it's too late. In this Zanki Zero character guide, I'm hoping not only to help lay out what information you might want to know about the characters but also important knowledge for each of the meters that you'll be keeping an eye on throughout gameplay.

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Zanki Zero Character Guide

Character Traits

  Full Name Position Weapon Healing Likes Food Dislikes Food Allergies
zanki zero haruto higurashi

Haruto Higurashi

 Front DEF Back DEF Blunt, Slash, Pierce Poison, Paralysis Spicy Sweet  
zanki zero minamo setouchi

Minami Setouchi

Front ATK Front DEF Blunt, Throwing Fear, Stench Egg Salty Crustaceans
zanki zero mamoru ichiyo

Mamoru Ichiyo

Front ATK Front DEF Blunt, Slash Stench, Poison, Paralysis, Fear, Injury Spicy Dairy Bananas
zanki zero yuma mashiro

Yuma Mashiro

Back ATK Back DEF Pierce, Throwing Poison, Fear Fish None Potatoes
zanki zero zen kubota

Zen Kubota

Front ATK Back ATK Slash, Pierce Stench, Paralysis Sweet Sour Fish
zanki zero rinko susukino

Rinko Susukino

Front DEF Back DEF Slash, Throwing Stench, Injury Meat Mushrooms Tomatoes
zanki zero ryo mikajime

Ryo Mikajime

Front DEF Back ATK Blunt, Pierce Fear, Injury Seafood Vegetables Oil
zanki zero sachika hirasaka

Sachika Hirasaka

Front ATK Front DEF Back ATK Back DEF Slash, Pierce, Throwing Poison, Paralysis, Injury Fruit Spicy Onions

All character portraits sourced from the Zanki Zero Fandom Page


  • Position: This will indicate whether the character has skills that give them additional attack or defense when put in the front row or the back row
  • Weapon: What weapons that character has skills that they can level their proficiency in? A note here is that any weapon that has "Child ▲" under it will only do 75% of its damage when being used by a child character.
  • Healing: Which healing items can be used when the character is present at the party. E.g., A character with Poison Knowledge unlocked will allow characters to use an antidote to heal poison
  • Likes Food: These types of food will fill a character's stamina further and lower their stress
  • Dislikes Food: These types of food will fill a character's stamina slightly and raise their stress
  • Allergy: These foods will kill a player the first time you do this but will only severely hurt on further occasions

Stages of Life

zanki zero ageing process

As you progress through the world of Zanki Zero, you need to watch each character age. Their stage of life will influence their statistics for better or worse. Below is a table showing at what point of life they will have different attributes.

Stage of Life Health Attack Defense Weight Limit Attack Speed
Child  No Change Down Down Down Down
Adult Up Up Up Up No Change
Middle-Aged Up No Change No Change No Change Up
Senior Down No Change Down Down Very High

From the above you can see that to be in the best shape at any point you want to have your characters in their Adult life and then Middle Aged. Past that it's a toss-up whether you want to have them as children or Seniors.

Garage Island Facilities

zanki zero base

  • Base Expansion: Simple enough, this is where you will go to upgrade all of your facilities.
  • Extend Machine: The extended machine's primary purpose is to bring the character clones back to life. As you explore the world, you will earn points that you can then, in turn, use to revive the clones. When reviving characters, they can be revived with no bonus abilities, with bonus abilities, or with all of their skill points removed. This last option is particularly useful if you feel you have allocated points incorrectly and want to specialize a character in a certain way. The Extend Machine gets added functionality after every chapter that the player clears.
  • Warehouse: Your warehouse is where you can store all of your acquired items when you don't want them to be carried by your party. With each sequential upgrade, you can hold more and more. There is an added benefit to the warehouse that any cooking or building supplies that are kept here will be accounted for when visiting the workshop and kitchen.
  • Workshop: Here, the player can use collected materials and turn them into weapons, armor, or supplies. With each sequential upgrade, the player gains access to more items.
  • Kitchen: Here, the player can use collected food items and turn them into feasts. When cooking in the kitchen, the meals will generally satisfy the characters more but be warned, if you use a component that a character is allergic to, feeding it to them will still have the same effect. With each sequential upgrade, the player gains access to more recipes.
  • Bedroom: Characters can go to bed and rest. This rest will fully heal all party members. You can also assign characters to bunk up together, this will allow them to create a link and share bonuses for a period of time. As you continue to bunk characters together, you can build up their relationships with one another.
  • Toilet: Here, you can reduce your characters bladder levels. At stage 1, the toilet is functional but dirty, so you'll decrease bladder and increase stress. At stage 2, the toilet is clean, so you'll only reduce bladder. At Stage 3, your bladder will reduce, but you'll also reduce your character's stress level.


What to Keep an Eye On

zanki zero meters complete

  • Stress Level: This is how uncomfortable your character is as they continue to travel through dungeons. You can lower characters' stress most easily by giving them water or other drinks but be warned this will fill their bladder.
  • Bladder Level: This is simply whether your character needs to go to the bathroom or not. It will increment over time but will also go up as you feed your character food or water. There are two ways to reduce this value; Going to one of the physical bathrooms in the world or using an empty bottle on the character. Using a clean bathroom will only lower the Bladder Level, but if you use a dirty bathroom or bottle, then your character's stress level will rise. If this completely rises and isn't taken care of fast enough, it can lead you to the unwanted status effect Stench and your stress rising as your character wets themselves.
  • Health: Quite simply, this is your health; it decreases when taking damage from enemies and traps. You can recover your health by sleeping in a bedroom or by resting in a dungeon. To rest in a dungeon, you need to open your inventory and select "Rest" in the bottom right. While resting time will pass, your stamina will decrease, and you also won't be able to see your screen. It's recommended that before you rest you make sure that no enemies can get to you either by clearing out the floor or getting into a room where you can shut the door behind you. As you regain health, you'll see your stamina also dropping; make sure not to accidentally starve your team when you're trying to get them healthy.
  • Stamina: Stamina allows your character to keep persevering in dungeons. You regain stamina by eating food. While you can eat any food in any form, if you eat raw food for the sake of regaining Stamina, you'll also stress out your character. Once any of your characters reach 0% stamina, their health will begin to whittle away.
  • Inventory: Your inventory is limited to the four pieces of equipment and the seven items that you're otherwise carrying. You can only carry seven unique items but many of them like antidotes and water stack. Not all items stack, though. Inventory management is an important part of making sure you're going into a dungeon with enough to keep your characters stress-free and healthy while also making sure you can collect more supplies.
  • Weight Limit: In your inventory, items can be stacked, so while you can't have more than seven unique items, you can carry a stack of each. Each character has a limit to how much weight they can carry. The weight limit of your party members should be paid attention to, but any sub-member can exceed their weight limit.

With that, you should be well on your way to head out into the many dungeons of Zanki Zero and unfold the story around you. If there's anything more that you'd like to see added to the guide, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

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