Yandere Simulator Update Brings New Weapon and Dismembering

Published: February 15, 2016 1:33 PM /


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Despite the fact that there's still no official word from Twitch regarding it's banning, that's not stopping the progress on Yandere Simulator, as the developer posted an update video on his channel for the month of February.

While the updates may be a little less substantial than the past, this update's main addition is the new weapon: the circular saw. This weapon will slice an unsuspecting target right down the middle of their skull with its new attack animation, but it's the secondary function that players may find useful. The saw gives you the ability to dismember the corpse of a dead body, chopping up into its limbs. The creator hints that the parts and the dismemberment will have more use in an upcoming update, but as of right now it seems to be just for the sake of chopping up a body. In particular, NPCs won't react to the fact that you have someone's body parts. He hints at the fact that he will need to put 2 club benefits, a new type of NPC, and change the incinerator location.

The update also added the ability to run with a corpse in hand, if you have leveled up your Physical Education perk high enough. This does counter the slow drag speed from before, being 5 times faster than dragging a body on the ground. Regardless of whether this fits real life physics or what not, it does help speed gameplay along to get rid of that nasty evidence so that your senpai will finally notice you. And hopefully not the blood. The developer also indicates that he did some updates regarding optimization that he's been meaning to. And we get a small glimpse of the code behind the game in the video as well. As a developer myself, I give him credit for good variable naming and clear code readability with his bracket/spacing work, although I do have to point out that there are some magic numbers issues that he may want to take a look at. 

But despite the fact that removing bodies is a serious task to undertake, the developer behind Yandere Simulator seems to have a bit of a humorous side to him as well, as he posted a nice little bug of what happens when you dismember a corpse....and the game doesn't know exactly when to stop spawning dismembered heads. Heads for everybody!

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Any more interest in Yandere Simulator with this addition? And is it wrong of Twitch to still have not made an official comment on the banning of Yandere Simulator? Leave your comments below!


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