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Xenoblade Chronicles 3's varied environments are filled with secrets to uncover, but many areas cannot be fully explored at the beginning. This is thanks to Traversal Skills, which act as ways to navigate certain types of terrain. In our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Traversal Skill Guide, we'll detail each type of Traversal Skill you can obtain throughout your world-spanning adventure.

How to Unlock Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Traversal Skills

There are 4 Traversal Skills in total, with 2 obtainable just by following the main story. Once unlocked, they automatically allow you to interact with certain parts of the environment that you couldn’t previously.

Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing is unlocked near the end of Chapter 3, shortly after adding Valdi to your Hero roster. Despite the name, Wall Climbing does not actually allow you to climb any wall you come across. Instead, it applies to purple vines, letting you climb them to reach higher areas — these are marked by a climbing axe icon on the map.

Rope Sliding

Rope Sliding becomes available midway through Chapter 4, directly after Juniper joins the team. This skill lets you slide down wires, marked on the map with a yellow line. Wires only go one way, and it’s possible to jump off before reaching the end.

Scree Walking

Scree Walking can be obtained by starting the Hero Quest “Going Beyond Power”, which becomes available during Chapter 3. This allows you to walk up unstable mounds of sand, which is mostly applicable to the Fornis Region. However, this Traversal Skill still won't let you climb the steepest sandy slopes.

Hazard Neutralization

The last Traversal Skill is not available until all the way in Chapter 6. This requires 2 quests to be completed once you reach Aetia Region, Upper. First, head to the question mark at the southern part of the map to start “The Illusion Returns”. After a short encounter, you’ll then unlock the Hero Quest “Inhumanity”. This is where you’ll learn Hazard Neutralization, which removes the damaging effect of poison pools.

Poison pools are only found in a few of  Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s maps. Outside of the Hero Quest “Inhumanity”, you’ll also find a substantial amount of poison in Maktha Wildwood, L — this is an optional part of the Pentelas Region, accessible if you head west from the Sparkling Pool Camp Rest Spot.


Hopefully this helped you get all the skills you need to explore the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 world. Here's a few more you can check out too!


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