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So fellow Ourobouros members, you've gotten further into Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You've settled into a rhythm with the combat, gotten a firm grasp on things like Gems, Fusion Arts, and party composition, and have already made strides towards understanding what kind of overarching story is unfolding before you. But, you are in need of a new Class, maybe a new Hero to help lighten the load, or perhaps you want to get a low-key helpful traversal ability? All three of those are tucked away in a completely optional sidequest that you might have missed. This is our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Going Beyond Power sidequest guide.

A top down map showing location of a sidequest
Where the party arrow is at is roughly where the quest begins. The camp is highlighted as a landmark.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Going Beyond Power Sidequest Guide – Where To Start The Quest

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Going Beyond Power sidequest will become available after you have gotten about halfway through Chapter 3 of the main story. The minimum recommended level for the quest is 25.

As for where the sidequest is located, it is in the Aetia Region. Specifically, it is northbound from the Gura Flava Lowlands near a camp location. If for some reason you have not discovered this part of the map, simply fast-travel to the Hillside Ferronis Hulk – this is the area where your group discovers their first abandoned fabricator back in Chapter 2 – then head north across the river past Luca's Eyot. Keep heading north-west until you find a natural rock formation leading upwards. Follow this path until you reach Kilmarris Highland. Follow the path until you reach a cave on the west side. Follow it, and you should reach the Gura Flava Lowlands. From there, simply use the “?” on your map as a reference to where the quest starts.

The warrior Teach, wielding a glowing battlestaff
Time to break this guy down.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Going Beyond Power Sidequest Guide – Sidequest Fights

Like all Hero Sidequests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Going Beyond Power has a lot of fully voiced-cutscenes as well as some challenging fights. For the sake of keeping things spoiler light, this guide will only focus on combat challenges and try to avoid context.

The first big fight is when the quest first starts. An Agnian Soldier, Kyrie, is being attacked by Kevesi forces and your group interjects. If you have looked at our combat guide for the game, you should be able to make short work of this group. Take out the healers or snipers first, the sword-wielders, then finally the shield-wielding tanks. Don't forget to bunch up healing and buff AOEs and direct the group towards singular targets. If you don't focus your assault, this Kevesi squad will drop you.

From here, the sidequest plays out like any other in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You are guided to Colony Gamma and meet your new Hero character, Teach, the Commander of the Colony. After some cutscenes and dialogue, Teach will ask you to meet up somewhere else on the map.

Noah running up a steep hill
Finally! More collectibles for me!

This is where Going Beyond Power becomes an essential sidequest if you enjoy exploration in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. As you follow the path, Teach will train you in a new traversal skill: Scree Walking. Specifically, he shows you how to keep your footing while running up steep hills. If you've ever been in a desert or mountainous area and keep seeing containers or fallen soldiers just out of your reach due to these obstacles, this sidequest is now essential.

Follow the path up and take in the gorgeous scenery until you finally confront Teach. Once the cutscene concludes, you will have a boss battle against Teach. As for tips against Teach, the best I can give is to keep up defense and evasion buffs while keeping yourselves spread out. Teach has a few nasty launch and knockback abilities that can cause a bunched up group to lose their foundation.

However, once you drop about half of Teach's health bar, a cutscene will play. Eventually, you will have another boss fight with one of the mysterious Consuls in their Moebius form. This is the final fight of the quest, and it's essentially like every other Moebius fight you've had before in the main story up to this point. Chip away at their Ether Defense. Make sure the tanks draw aggro and have a powerful block or evade ability prepared to stop their powerful charge or grab attacks. And of course, Chain Attacks, Interlinking, and Ourobouros Orders (if you have them unlocked) should help break down the boss' absurd health bar in no time.

Teach making a pose next to an unlocked class screen
Some healing, and some damage. Awesome.

What Does The Going Beyond Power Sidequest Guide Unlock?

In addition to a ton of experience, class points, and gold, finishing Going Beyond Power unlocks the following in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

The Scree Walking Traversal Skill

As mentioned before, this will save you a headache when it comes to getting collectibles in certain spots. Enjoy.

The Thaumaturge Hero Class

As briefly touched upon in our Class and Hero guide, the Thaumaturge is a Healing class. But unlike a more dedicated healer like Medic Gunner or the more support-oriented Tactitian, the Thaumaturge has some offensive options at its disposal as well. The best example I can give is Rank Splitter, an attack Art that heals nearby allies equal to how much damage you deal to the enemy. There is also Violent Flurry, which has a chance to ignore armor. But the biggest draw is the Armor Veil AOE buff which protects all nearby allies

Recommended Gems: Refined Blessing, Swelling Blessing, Steelcleaver

New Playable Hero: Inscrutable Teach

Finally, you gain the loyalty and aid of Inscrutable Teach. Much like the Thaumaturge class itself, Teach is great for damage as well as healing and support. In addition he has the Furious Flash ability, which can bind enemies. In addition, his Heroic Chain ability grants 10 extra TP to all characters involved in a Chain Attack, which can help you get the most out of a Chain Attack if used at the right time.


That's it for our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Going Beyond Power Sidequest Guide - check out more guides below!

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