Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Side Quest Guide

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The Eunie Side Quest menu display from Xenoblade Chronicles 3

So Ourobouros, you have gotten further into Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You have been mixing and matching classes, figuring out the best Fusion Arts, and optimizing your team into a force of nature. But there are key side quests for each of your characters which will give them even more customization. The trick is that these quests can be more trouble than they seem on the surface, but they pay off is more than worth it. This is our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Side Quest guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Side Quest Guide – Where To Start The Quest

You can access Eunie's Ascension Quest once you've gotten past a certain point in Chapter 5 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's story.  Once you can freely explore the city found in Swordmarch, you'll know you're at the right spot.

Once you've reached this part of the story, explore the city and eavesdrop on several characters peppered throughout the location. Eventually, you'll get a new topic of discussion, it should be about Fourtune Clovers, at your camping spots. The one you're looking for is specific since you can only activate it at a certain camp spot near the top of the city – the one near the dining area you pass when you first enter the city – and it requires Riku and Manana to be in your party.

Finally, the game states that you should at least be level 45 before starting this quest. However, I highly recommend waiting until you are at least level 50 if you are uncertain about the more advanced elements of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's combat system.

Once all of that is said and done, make camp and let the cutscenes play out to start the quest.

The group near a campsite, mountains in the distance
This is the easier route but you could get lost.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Side Quest Guide – Sidequest Challenges

Once the cutscenes for Eunie's Side Quest have played out, you do have two different options on how to proceed. The first is the most straightforward. Fast-travel to the Sellas Terrace Camp in the Fornis Region, it's an area a little to the west from where you enter the Urayan Tunnels at the start of Chapter 4 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's story. From there, just head southeast until you cross over into the Pentelas Region.

There is a second route that is more direct but a lot more challenging. First, fast-travel to the Pentelas Region and head to the Tower Camp. You should have unlocked this fast-travel point as part of following critical path through Chapter 4 of the main story. From here, head up the stairs and cross the large ancient bridge until you reach the grassy terrain on the other side. From here, hug the left side wall and keep going until you find a large gate followed by a green glowing button. This is the path to the other bridge you may have seen while crossing earlier.

But before you hit that button, be warned. You haven't even gotten to the actual start of the Eunie Side Quest yet and this bridge will be your biggest challenge. This is because the bridge is a bona fide gauntlet packed with powerful Raid enemies and strong Agnian Forces.

The group fighting a giant Agnian Robot
This is the shortest route, but it is the hardest.

Because of this, stock up on anti-robotic accessories and tactics. Invest in some bread and butter combos across your team – Break, Topple, Daze, Burst are super helpful here.. As for classes, Heavy Guard, Guardian Commander, Thaumaturge, and Strategos are great for their overlapping defense and support to chip away at health bars. Finally, for all of your DPS characters, Flash Fencer and Full Metal Jaguar are highly recommended, make sure each of them are equipped with Tool Belt accessories for extra machine damage as well as the best versions of Gems you can slot in. You're going to need it.

Once you're done, hit the button and start the gauntlet. It starts with a Raid Boss, extends to a smattering of fights with Elite Agnian Units, and ends with another Raid Boss at the very end, all with no checkpoints.

Regardless of how you get to this quest, follow the map markers and proceed through the quest as normal. Once all of the cutscenes are concluded and you've escorted Colony 5's survivors out of the caves, you will have one last boss battle for the quest.

This is a double boss battle against Consul X and her lackey Consul L. My advice is to focus on Consul X since she has some devastating AOE blasts that can down certain party members if you aren't paying attention. Furthermore, she is the most agile, which can cause various overlapping buffs to go to waste. However, if you can Topple her, you can really shut her down. Take all of the advice I gave for taking the gauntlet route when it comes to party composition and apply it here, just switch out Tool Belt accessories for extra health and defense. Once Consul X is down, Consul L should be a much easier fight, little more than a health sponge with an occasional punch.

Once both Consuls are down, you'll have one last cutscene and your quest is complete.

Eunie's new enhanced Master Skills seen on her character menu
Considering how fast numbers add up in this game, this is a godsend for healing.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Eunie Side Quest Guide – What Does It Unlock?

As the name implies, once you finish this side quest you'll uncap Eunie's Class Rank. This means you can fully master her Medic Gunner class from Rank 10 to Rank 20. In game terms, this means you'll unlock more powerful versions of her Master Skills to use while she is in this class as well as brand new Arts she can only unlock at Rank 20. This includes the Master Skill Eternal Formation, which increases the length of field effects by 50%. Couple that with the Healing Ring Talent Art, which drops down a large AOE of Regeneration for the party, and Eunie will be keeping everyone in the fight.

Not only does this make Eunie an even more effective dedicated healer for the group, she can even leverage other Class Skills with this healing. If you've put Eunie into other classes such as War Medic or Tactitian, slotting in other arts can make for even more powerful Fusion Arts. For example, try giving her some extra Evasion by coupling the Zephyr's Wide Slash with her Power Ring.

Basically, with this quest complete, Eunie can turn into your best saving grace for some of Xenoblade Chronicle 3's nastier high end fights.


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