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Wild Hearts is available by the end of the week and for those who have EA Play trial access or Game Pass Ultimate. In Wild Hearts players will be jumping into battles with massive Kemono, upgrading their gear, and becoming more powerful to take on other Kemono. In this Wild Hearts Guide Hub, we'll help you with tips and tricks for getting into Wild Hearts with a head start.

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Wild Hearts Tips and Tricks

How to deal the most damage early on?

Always be using your Karakuri. When you start off you'll find that your normal hits don't do too much damage to any of the Kemono beasts that you'll be facing in your adventure. If you use the Karakuri in conjunction with your regular attacks you'll be able to deal increased damage. Where a normal sword swing might do 10 damage, when you're attacking with a jump slash you'll find yourself doing 80+ damage.


How can I play Co-op?

There are a number of different ways that you can start a multiplayer session in Wild Hearts. Depending on what kind of experience you're looking forward to participating in you will want to join a multiplayer session in a different way. The three ways to engage in co-op are as follows:

  • Campfire - While resting at a campfire you can search and join other players multiplayer sessions. You can also start your own multiplayer session from this menu.
  • Hunters Gate - The Hunter Gates can be found in various regions of the world. By interacting with these you'll get to see quests available that players are participating in in your area as well as ones that line up with your current quest. If you're interested in progressing through the story this is the option you'll want to take.
  • Map Quest Selection - When you're selecting a new quest from the map you'll be able to select the option to "Request Assistance". When doing this you'll be putting out a call for those to join you, but if another hunter is already on that quest and has requested assistance then you'll instead join them.

If you have more questions about Wild Hearts Co-op including how progression works in online play then be sure to check out our Wild Hearts Multiplayer Guide.

A multiplayer session in Wild Hearts

Find a weapon that fits your style

There are eight different weapons that you'll have access to in Wild Hearts. As long as you have one in your inventory to equip you'll be able to wield it. As you progress through the game you'll be able to visit the Forge to improve your weapon. As you improve it you'll not only be able to deal more damage but you'll be able to stack certain abilities onto your weapons.

At the start of the game the weapons that will be available to you are: 

  • Karakuri Katana
  • Nodachi
  • Bow
  • Maul
  • Bladed Wagasa

After you reach Chapter 2 you'll have access to these additional weapons:

  • Hand Cannon
  • Claw Blade
  • Karakuri Staff


How many regions are there in Wild Hearts?

There are five different regions that you'll be able to explore in Wild Hearts. As you progress through the game and through the chapters of the story different Kemono will be found in different stages. Depending on where the Kemono are present it will also change the landscape of the region. Early on Natsukodachi Isle is a tropical island, but when the Deathstalker ice wolf is present the sandy beaches become covered in ice. The full list of regions are:

  • Harugasumi Way
  • Natsukodachi Isle
  • Akikure Canyon
  • Fuyufusagi Fort
  • Sacred Mountain

Not included in the above list is Minato, the town that you will visit and assist in developing.

The Hunter finding a Tsukumo in Wild Hearts

Are there collectibles in Wild Hearts?

Yes, across the world you will be able to find 200 hidden robots called Tsukumo. When you gain your first one they will join you on your adventure as a companion to fight with you in combat or offer support. As you collect more you can spend them to upgrade your Tsukumo. The stronger it gets the more it will be able to deal damage or heal you in combat. If you're finding your Tsukumo just isn't doing much to help you out then spend some time exploring.

Note: As you progress through Wild Hearts you will be able to activate an upgrade for The Hunting Tower Dragon Kemono that will outline Tsukumo, Documents, and Talisman's in the area.


How do I fast-travel in Wild Hearts?

Anywhere you set up a Hunter's Tent you'll be able to fast-travel. This can be useful not just for setting up a few general fast-travel locations around the map for traversal, but will also help if you get taken out by a Kemono and you need to quickly return to the fight.


How many Kemono are in Wild Hearts?

There are 21 Kemono in Wild Hearts in total. The types of animals that they are based on range wildly from flighted birds, to relatively smaller-sized rats, a bear the size of a mountain, and gorillas. Each has its own unique movement and attacks.

Of the 21 Kemono, there are a few that are alternate variants of other Kemono. For example, the Ragetail is a Rat/Flower hybrid that will swing its bulb tail around to deal damage to you, the other Rat Kemono is the Sporetail who has a mushroom on his tail. A number of his attacks are similar but there are also abilities that fundamentally change the way that the battle takes place including the Sporetail causing a drowsy status effect that will stop you from being able to move for a short period of time, or summoning other smaller rats that also will attack or cause the drowsy status.

Wild Hearts Deathstalker Fight

Wild Hearts Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Hearts available on?

Wild Hearts is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via EA App, Steam, and the Epic Game Store.


Does Wild Hearts have crossplay?

Yes, Wild Hearts will support crossplay across all systems. You'll be able to team up with two other friends across any platform to hunt Kemono and save the world together.


Is Wild Hearts on Game Pass?

No, Wild Hearts is not on Game Pass but as part of Game Pass Ultimate those interested in checking out Wild Hearts will be able to play a 10-hour trial with unlimited access to the game. This trial will go live 4 days before the game releases.


Is there a Wild Hearts EA Play Trial?

Yes, subscribers to EA Play will be able to experience the first 10 hours of the game four days early.


Does Wild Hearts have Microtransactions?

No, there are no microtransactions in Wild Hearts and the developers have stated that they have no plans to implement any microtransactions at any point in time.


Is Wild Hearts going to get DLC?

Yes, Wild Hearts will have a series of free content updates coming out in the months following release. 

  • In March players can expect subspecies and Deeply Volatile Kemono, weapon and armor variations, quests and high-difficulty quests, and bug fixes. 
  • In April players can expect New Kemono and Deeply Volatile Kemono, Weapon and armor variations, New Karakuri, Weapons and equipment enhance system, quests and high-difficulty quests, and more bug fixes.

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