Where to Find Waterweed Filament in The Cycle: Frontier

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This guide will tell you where to find Waterweed Filament in The Cycle: Frontier, a plant that's needed for the Osiris Dangerous Science Part 2 Mission and the ICA Calorie Deficit Job.

Although you'll spend the early parts of The Cycle: Frontier killing alien monsters and hunting for ore or leftover garbage, you'll soon be tasked with finding plants. Unfortunately, these can be a little more challenging to discover since they can blend in with all of the foliage of Fortuna III. Don't worry -- we know where the Waterweed Filament is, and we're here to help you find it!

Where to Find Waterweed Filament in The Cycle Frontier - Map

Where to Find Waterweed Filament in The Cycle: Frontier

Waterweed Filament can most easily be found in two locations in The Cycle: Frontier:

  1. The large pools of water southwest of the Swamp Camp
  2. The large bodies of water in the area around the Lake, Waterfall Lab, and Waterfalls

Basically, Waterweed Filament can be found in any large pool of water that isn't the ocean. It's pretty difficult to miss, too: it looks like a massive pink flower. That said, sometimes it might be slightly concealed -- for example, some of the spawn locations in the Swamp Camp are hidden away in hollow tree stumps.

Since this item tends to spawn on open water, you'll have to be especially wary of other players. Sloshing through the water is going to make a fair amount of noise. Furthermore, you might not have very much cover in some of the more open areas. Don't just rush out to get this plant -- carefully look over the entire area and make sure that there are no other players around before you head out into the open to get it.

That's that for our Where to Find Waterweed Filament in The Cycle: Frontier Guide. Don't forget to read our other guides about the game, too -- you can check 'em out below!

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