Where To Find The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

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Where To Find The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

While it may seem like there is an endless amount of items to collect and things to do in Sons of the Forest, there are a few items that are 100% necessary in order to progress in-game. The Sons of the Forest Rope Gun is one of those items that you will need in order to make progress. In this guide, we will discuss where you can locate the Rope Gun, what it is used for, as well as why it becomes a necessity later on down the line. 

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Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location

This item is a bit hard to find due to the fact that it is a long journey through an extremely dangerous cave that never seems to end. Keep in mind you will need ample ammo, supplies, weapons, and armor if you want to make it through this cave solo. To start, you are going to want to head to the location of the 3D Printer on the GPS map. 

Rope Gun Location in Sons of the Forest 

The Red Circle in the image is the cave location where you will want to be, and the Purple Square is the 3D Printer location where you will want to start, as it is quite close by. You can also see the cave marker on the map to make it easier to reference where to go from the printer cave. 

Enter the cave and head straight down the pathway till you come to a large cavernous area. You are going to want to take a left towards a light source on the ground around two dead bodies of workers. Behind those workers, there is a narrow opening to a ridge that you will follow until you come to another light source with two more dead bodies nearby. You will then see a large blob monster sitting in a doorway blocking your path. 

Blob in the doorways sons of the forest, Where To Find The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

You will see a dead worker on the right-hand side of this blob monster, and next to them will be Time Bombs for you to throw at the blob to blow him into pieces so you can get through the blocked doorway. Once the blob has been blown up, you will follow the pathway into the cave until you come to your first crossroads. This fork in the road will be the first of two that you will come across in order to reach the Rope Gun. For this first fork in the road, you will need to make a left into the cave area that has several ores and minerals coming off of the cave walls. 

Where To Find The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

Keep following the path forward until you come to the second fork in the road. Now, remember, there will be several enemies along the way, including babies that jump at you, arm/finger creatures that vomit on you, and mutants that can run very fast. Be prepared for battle at all times while in this cave. 

Where To Find The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

At the second fork in the road, you are going to make a right this time, where you see a bunch of pointy rocks on the floor and ceiling of the cave. Keep running straight until you come to a cliff, where there will be two suitcases on the ground, one of which will have the Rope Gun inside for you to loot! 

You will then need to use the Rope Gun to escape the cave quickly by jumping on the zipline above where you found the item.

That concludes our guide on where to find the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest. Check out our other guides below! 

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