Where to Find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest

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Weapons become a huge deal in Sons of the Forest quite quickly, as you learn you aren't as strong as you once thought. The enemies get progressively harder and stronger by the day, meaning you will need stronger armor and weapons to ensure your survival. In this guide, we will discuss where to locate the Pistol in Sons of the Forest and how to find extra ammo to keep those guns blazing. 

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Pistol Location in Sons of the Forest 

While it may not seem too difficult to locate the pistol, if you don't know where to look, it can be a bit tricky as it is out of the way. First, you will need to start from the initial helicopter crash site where you first began this journey to make this adventure a bit easier. From here, you will see a purple exclamation point to the far left side of your GPS tracking device that comes in the emergency kit when you first arrive on the island. Make sure you are zoomed all the way out on the GPS tracker to locate the exclamation point more easily. You won't see the actual pinpointed location marker of the pistol on the GPS until you move closer to it from the crash site. 

boat in the water with the pistol, Where to Find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest

Keep heading to the left towards that purple exclamation point until you see it on the GPS (it will be deep in the water on a small orange inflatable boat, which you can see from the shoreline.) From here, you will just need to swim straight ahead until you reach the side of the boat where there is a ladder to climb up inside. You will want to be inside the boat as soon as you can due to several sharks circling the area that will attempt to eat you. 

pistol in sons of the forest on the boat, Where to Find the Pistol in Sons of the Forest

Once inside the boat, you will see the Pistol in plain view on the ground. Just interact with the pistol to add it to your bag, where it will be found in the black gun case in your inventory. 

Where To Get 9mm Ammo in Sons of the Forest

Several different types of ammo can be found all across the map within mutant camps and inside of crates or boxes within the game. Ammo can also be found within caves and bunkers you will find scattered around the GPS tracker. 

Where To Find the GPS Tracker in Sons of the Forest

The GPS tracker is found on the same orange inflatable boat that the Pistol is on. Rather than on the floor where the pistol was, it can be found on the dead body inside of the boat. Just walk up to the body, interact with the GPS tracker, and it will be added into the orange crate on the far left side of your inventory. This can used to track Virginia *(who becomes very helpful later on down the line) as well as mark specific locations you wish to return back to. 

Thanks for reading our guide on where to find the pistol in Sons of the Forest. Make sure to check out our other guides below! 

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