Where To Find The 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest | Location and Uses

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Where To Find The 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest

There are a few very helpful items scattered around the island in Sons of the Forest, and the 3D printer is one of them. The printer not only allows you to make arrows and a mask that scares off enemies, but it lets you print resources to make armor as well as a flask to carry water on the go. In this guide, we will discuss where to find the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest, as well as what it can make to help you make progress on the unforgiving island. 

We've also got a guide for you if you're just getting started in Sons of the Forest, a full map with every important location, and item guides for important items such as the GPS Tracker, shovel, and 3D Printer! Plus, how to get Virginia as a companion!

3D Printer Location in Sons of the Forest

The easiest way to locate the cave where the 3D printer is located is to start from the orange inflatable boat that the Pistol can be found on. From the boat, you will swim to shore and head to the left. If you open your GPS Map, you will see a white circular ping mark with a green dot in the center that is in between a few different small lakes Here is a photo for reference:

3D printer location in Sons of the Forest

The Red Circle in the image is where you should be on the map to find the cave entrance, and the Purple Square is the inflatable boat area with the pistol on it that you will start from. Once here, you will see the entrance to the cave tucked underground. 

3D Printer in Sons of the Forest

Go inside the cave, where there is only one path to take that leads to the bunker where the 3D printer is located.

3D Printer Crafting Items

The printer needs Printer Resin to be able to use it, which can be found around the island in suitcases or crates as well as inside of this bunker with the printer. Here are all of the things you can make with the 3D Printer and what each item costs: 

  • Arrows: 50ml of Printer Resin
  • Flask: 100ml of Printer Resin
  • Grappling Hook: 100ml of Printer Resin
  • Mask: 150ml of Printer Resin
  • Tech Mesh: 250ml of Printer Resin
  • Sled: 1000 ml of Printer Resin 

Where To Find The Flask in Sons of the Forest

Where To Find The Flask in Sons of the Forest

There is in fact a flask to use in Sons of the Forest, it is just not a player-made craftable item, so it can be tricky to find. The Flask must be 3D printed using Printer Resin within the bunker where the 3D Printer is located. To get the exact location of the printer, reference the photo and description above. 

That's the end of our guide on where to find the 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest. Take a look at our other guides below! 

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