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e3 2019 what we're looking forward to

We're a few short days away from E3 2019 and with it, we expect to see all kinds of big game reveals and announcements. This is where a lot of the industry comes out to show off to press and gamers alike what we can expect to see from them in the upcoming weeks, months, and even to our dismay years. At TechRaptor we have a dedicated team going and hitting the floor for gameplay previews, interviews, and more and we'll be covering all of the big news remotely.

Before getting into what we're expecting to see though, we got some writers together to talk about what they personally would want to see. There are some really good answers, some right out of the left field, and some downright strange ones. Without further ado, though here they are:

I want another Konami press conference. I don't care about the games. I don't care about the reveals. I just want some really weird people to get on stage and do weird shit again. Bring out some confused wrestlers. Be over-enthusiastic about a game you're clearly not playing. One million troops. Make it happen again Konami, please.

- Sam Guglielmo

e3 wants randy pitchford magic trick
Is this the board game you're looking for?

Randy Pitchford taking 20ish minutes for a magic trick needs to be part of every conference now. For a real answer, though, learning anything more about Cyberpunk 2077 is what I am looking forward to. Also, anything about CDPR's other mystery game.

- Andrew Otton

I want to see what surprises me. It's hard to be in this industry without having a good idea of 75% of what will be coming at the show. It's the 25% I personally look forward to. That and the Devolver Show, because that's the only conference that's actually entertaining in its own right.

- Robert N. Adams

I'm still holding out hope for a remake or re-release of Final Fantasy VIII. It's the 20th anniversary, and just about every other Final Fantasy game has had some kind of port or upgrade in recent years. I'm not asking for the full FFVII treatment, but even a re-release like what they did for IX will do. I know it's not the most popular or best regarded FF game, but it's certainly better than II, and now you can take that mobile and be haunted by it everywhere. I think VIII deserves the same chance.

- Courtney Ehrenhofler

Put Chibi-Robo on Switch, you cowards!

- Jack Waibel

I've taken leave of my sanity so I just want Square Enix and or Sony to announce a remake of the Legacy of Kain games, specifically Soul Reaver 1 and 2 and LOK: Defiance

- William Worral

sekiro 07 pr embargo 6 11@ 3pm
The second best rope swinging game of the past year

If FromSoftware announces Sekiro DLC, I can die a happy man. Should this dream not be realized, I'd settle for a DOOM Eternal release date. I'm not hard to please - I just want to kill demons and die a lot. Is that so much to ask?

- Joseph Allen

Pokémon Snap. Everyone wants it, everyone knows how to use a camera, and since Pokémon is very much back in the zeitgeist, this summer is the perfect time for Nintendo and the Pokémon Company to give gamers what they want (for a premium price) and release a brand new Pokémon Snap ... on iOS. You can leave your positive comments down below.

- Nick Maillet

pokemon sword shield starters
Scorbunny!!! and I guess the other two as well...

For E3, I'm mainly curious to see if we're going to get that Switch Animal Crossing. In addition, I'm looking to learn more about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

- Brian Renadette

My dream E3 would include more on upcoming Star Wars titles. More upcoming Star Trek titles. Either of these properties could go full-on Games Workshop licensing blitz, and I'd be happy. Then again, I enjoyed that terrible dance simulator, if only for the parody songs that came out of it.

- Bradley Robbins

fable header

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft will show off Fable 4. This is nothing new since people have speculated or at least wanted a new Fable for quite a while now. I really hope that this time around, Fable 4 is actually announced. Fable isn't a perfect franchise, but I can tell you that it's a unique world that deserves to be treated right. Fable 4 would be the perfect launch title for a new Xbox console, and it'd get me to consider shelling out the big bucks for whatever comes next.

- Austin Suther

"Nina Struthers" and the team at Devolver has redefined what it means to have a press conference. Twice. I'm ready for a third wild ride.

- Robert Scarpinito

Mostly I just want to see more of Cyberpunk 2077, but I'm also hoping Microsoft will work on a special presentation for The Outer Worlds and Wasteland 3 now that they bought the developers. I don't have much hope for Bethesda this year, but I'd really like to see a new game by Arkane Studios announced. And I hope Disco Elysium gets a spot during the PC Gaming Show.

- Richard Costa

outer worlds header

So let's see, My totally out of left field desire for E3 would be Sega to get up on stage and announce they are localizing and porting the rest of Shining Force 3 and that they are working on Shining Force 4 and apologize for the bad Action RPGs they've tarnished the subseries name with over the years. They may also promise to port and in some case localize other Saturn and Dreamcast games that really deserve it.

More realistically I really want to see more of The Outer Worlds by Obsidian. I generally love what Cain and Boyasrksy have worked on and Outer Worlds looks really interesting.

- Don Parsons

What do you think of our writer's hopes? Are there any that you share? What do you really want to see coming out to E3 this year?

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