What are the Spellbreak Classes?

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What are the Spellbreak Classes? This magical battle royale features numerous wizards, witches, and sorcerers supreme who can fly high on the field of battle and zap their enemies with their choice of six different elements. Each class has its own abilities that determine the best way to play it.

A key to understanding the game is knowing those abilities so that you can figure out the best way to use them. We'll break down the basics of how classes work and what each of the Spellbreak classes can do!

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What are the Spellbreak Classes? — Elements, Gauntlets, and You

Before we get into the classes, it's important to understand Elements, Gauntlets, and how they work together in Spellbreak.

What Are the Elements in Spellbreak?

These are the six elements in the game, each of which has its own special uses.

  • Fire - Can set enemies ablaze, dealing damage over time.
  • Frost - Can freeze enemies.
  • Lightning - Can shock enemies, preventing them from casting spells.
  • Stone - Simply damages enemies.
  • Toxic - Can corrode enemies, dealing damage over time.
  • Wind - Can deflect spells and push or pull players.

What Are Gauntlets?

Gauntlets are how spells are cast in Spellbreak. Without a gauntlet, players only have access to a piddly magic missile spell that isn't very much good. Each gauntlet is attuned to one element and has two spells based on that element.

Players start with a gauntlet related to their class. For example, the Frostborn begins the game with the Frost Gauntlet.

Players can also pick up a second Gauntlet which can then be used to make powerful elemental combinations. For example, these early patch notes highlight that Wind Shears fired through a Toxic Cloud will create a Toxic Mist.

How Do the Spellbreak Classes and Gauntlets Work Together?

Now that you know the basics of gauntlets and elements, how do classes factor into the game? Well, classes change their chosen element even further. As an example, the Pyromancer's Fireballs will have a bigger explosion on impact compared to any one of the other classes shooting a Fireball.

Furthermore, these buffs increase as the player moves to a new safe zone. The Frostburn starts off with the ability to leave ice trails by firing the Ice Lance. At Level 2, the Frostborn can hover in mid-air when firing the Ice Lance. At Level 3, the Flash Freeze duration is increased. Level 4—the final and most powerful level—allows a Frostborn to overchage an Ice Lance for even more damage.

This is where the heart of Spellbreak's depth lies. Multiple elemental gauntlets exist, each with a a Spell and a Sorcery. Pretty much every Spell and Sorcery interacts in a fashion, although not all of these interactions are positive (as you might imagine, ice and fire don't play well together). There are also other types of changes you can make with runes, talents, and more!

With the basics out of the way, let's get into the individual classes! The PlayStation Blog has a lot of useful info on what they're all about.

What are the Spellbreak Classes? - Conduit slice

What are the Spellbreak Classes? — Conduit

The Conduit specializes in rapidly firing lightning magic. The lightning element can shock players, preventing them from casting spells of their own.

Lightning Gauntlet Abilities

  • Lightning Bolt (Spell) - Quickly shoots multiple lightning bolts in succession.
  • Lightning Strike (Sorcery) - Call down lightning from the sky after a short delay.

Conduit Skills

  • Potential Energy (Level 1) - Hold the fire button to continually cast Lightning Bolt.
  • Overload (Level 2) - Lightning Strike increases your Rune charges.
  • Power Surge (Level 3) - After casting Lightning Strike, your spells don't cost any mana for a limited time.
  • Secondary Srikes (Level 4) - Lightning Strike now causes additional lightning bolts to fall from the sky.

What are the Spellbreak Classes? - Frostborn slice

What are the Spellbreak Classes? — Frostborn

The Frostborn is Spellbreak's sniper, able to move quickly and hit enemies from afar with its Ice Lance.

Frost Gauntlet Abilities

  • Ice Lance (Spell) - Fires a sharp spear of ice after a short delay. Can be charged to increase speed and damage.
  • Flash Freeze (Sorcery) - Creates a zone of cold air around you, slowing players and eventually freezing them.

Frostborn Skills

  • Frozen Alacrity (Level 1) - Ice Lance freezes the ground which allows anyone to skate on it and move faster.
  • Icicle (Level 2) - You'll hover if you're aiming the ability in midair.
  • Tundra (Level 3) - Flash Freeze lasts longer. A later patch added Damage Reduction and the removal of Ignite, Corrosion, and Slow debuffs.
  • Ice Prism (Level 4) - Ice Lance can be overcharged for more damage.

What are the Spellbreak Classes? - Pyromancer slice

What are the Spellbreak Classes? — Pyromancer

Unsurprisingly, the Pyromancer specializes in setting things on fire. If you want to put a lot of damage out on a wide area, this is the class for you.

Fire Gauntlet Abilities

  • Fireball (Spell) - Shoots a ball of fire which explodes on contact.
  • Flamewall (Sorcery) - Creates a wall of fire which can set enemies ablaze.

Pyromancer Skills

  • Combust (Level 1) - Fireball has a greater Explosion Radius.
  • Firefly (Level 2) - You're immune to your team's Flame Walls and will fly for a short time after passing through an allied Flamewall.
  • Pyrolysis (Level 3) - Firewall has greater damage.
  • Conflagration (Level 4) - Fireball spawns smaller Fireballs on impact which branch out.

What are the Spellbreak Classes? - Stoneshaper slice

What are the Spellbreak Classes? — Stoneshaper

The Stoneshaper is a defensive class that can protect themselves with Earth magic and chuck big rocks at enemies from a safe position.

Stone Gauntlet Abilities

  • Shockwave (Spell) - Creates a wave of earth moving along the ground. You have to be on the ground to use it.
  • Boulderfall (Sorcery) - Chuck a big ol' rock at your opponent that does damage on impact.

Stoneshaper Skills

  • Stoneskin (Level 1) - Shockwave increases the player's armor when cast.
  • Bedrock (Level 2) - Casting Shockwave in midair will cause the player to slam down to the ground before casting it.
  • Avalanche (Level 3) - Gain additional maximum Boulderfall charges.
  • Accretion (Level 4) - Boulderfall boulders grow as they travel through the air.

What are the Spellbreak Classes? - Tempest slice

What are the Spellbreak Classes? — Tempest

The Tempest is the flying specialist in Spellbreak — highly mobile, but also an easy target if you're not careful. Wind can push enemies around because... well, it's the wind.

Wind Gauntlet Abilities

  • Wind Shear (Spell) - Gusts of wind damage your target and deflect their spells.
  • Tornado (Sorcery) - A twisting column of fierce wind that sucks players in. Players in the air get pulled in faster.

Tempest Skills

  • Wind Surge (Level 1) - Firing Wind Shear at the ground causes the player to jump up.
  • Updraft (Level 2) -  Immune to your team's Tornadoes. Jumping into an allied Tornado lets you fly into the air.
  • Squall (Level 3) - Spell damage is increased as you're in the air. The longer you're in the air, the more your spell damage goes up.
  • Sudden Gust (Level 4) - Sorcery Cooldown is faster while you're in the air.

What are the Spellbreak Classes? - Toxicologist slice

What are the Spellbreak Classes? — Toxicologist

The Toxicologist is an extra sneaky boy who can fill the land up with deadly gas. Even better, they can walk into the clouds and vanish from sight!

Toxic Gauntlet Abilities

  • Toxic Spray (Spell) - Sprays a bunch of streams of toxic gas. Damage is dependent on how many streams hit the target.
  • Toxic Cloud (Sorcery) - Toss a chunk of goo that explodes into a cloud of toxic gas.

Toxicologist Spells

  • Viscosity (Level 1) - Toxic Spray leaves puddles on the ground.
  • Vanishing Mists (Level 2) - Immune to your team's Toxic Clouds. Entering an allied Toxic Cloud makes you dash and become temporarily invisible.
  • Outbreak (Level 3) - Increased Toxic Spray damage when invisible.
  • Spreading Sickness (Level 4) - Can fire additional Toxic Clouds.

And that's it for our breakdown of Spellbreak classes!

While the game initially starts out with just six classes, the developers have plans for more. We can't say for sure what other elemental powers they might come up with, but they'll probably be pretty darn cool.


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