All The Accessibility Options In Watch Dogs Legion

Last Update: November 5, 2020


Watch Dogs Legion Accessibility Options

We have seen most current AAA studios adapt and include accessibility options for those who are usually less able to play their games properly. Watch Dogs Legion has followed this trend with a few useful additions. 

Visual and Audio Aids in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion includes a bunch of options to improve your game experience. For those who are colorblind, there are three different ways to change the important UI within the game itself. Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and Tritanopia are included in Watch Dogs Legion.

You will see differences within signage like the roadblocks in the game and the mini-map, but it doesn't apply the filter to the whole screen. Other titles like The Last of Us Part 2 do something similar, for reference. 

Watch Dogs: Legion Deuteranopia Screen

There is also a menu narration option that is text-to-speech. Whenever a part of the menu is highlighted, the voice will read out the words on-screen. You can also set online text to be read out to you or other players. The text can be spoken with a female or male voice, and it can be read at slow, normal, or fast speeds. You can make their backgrounds translucent, black, and off. The font size can also be increased. 

The subtitles can be white, red, yellow, green, blue, or cyan in full captions, dialogue only, and completely off if desired. Gameplay events like siren sounds, explosions, and gunfire can also be turned on through Gameplay Events CC. You can even change the background of the font, which could help their visibility. In addition, the font size can be changed from 100% to 150%. 

If you hate weird camera effects like shaky cam and distortion from being drunk, you can turn that off too. However, it will also disable feedback from the controller, so keep that in mind. 

Gameplay Options in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs 2 had some pretty tough puzzles throughout its campaign, so the sequel has a few ways to make it easier for the player. You can turn on simplified puzzles, which rotates the node to the correct position. You can also turn on Aim Lock-On if you struggle to aim with the right analog stick or mouse. 

Watch Dogs: Legion Auto Lock On Option

The difficulty can be turned down to normal or easy. This will alternate the enemy alertness, weapon damage, and how long a vehicle can withstand attacks or hits.

If you have trouble pressing buttons repeatedly, you can toggle all of these to hold rather than press and vice versa. This option affects things like melee, climbing, hacking, sprinting, aiming, weapon wheel, and the ever so important emote wheel.

Update Nov. 5, 2020 - A previous version of this article said that full-screen colorblindness settings would have been better. We have been informed that the way Watch Dogs: Legion does it is actually more beneficial to those who are colorblind.

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