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Vampire The Masquerade - Swansong has finally released and there’s a lot of general stuff in the game. There’s puzzles galore, there’s optional objectives that’ll affect how you play the game and will give you more backstory to the characters and more. We’re here to explain to you about one of the optional objectives in the first chapter, specifically finding Emem’s lost memories and figuring out her past. Here's how to find all the Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Lost Memories in Chapter 1 of the game.

Swansong Chapter 1 - Lost Memory 1


The first of these Lost Memories is found naturally throughout the course of the story. As you approach a plaque you’ll have a cutscene that triggers. It’ll take you to a library in which you’ll discover a lot more about Emem’s past, and it’ll explain some of her backstory to you. This is the only Lost Memory that you cannot miss, and it creates a tutorial out of the concept of Emem’s amnesia.

Swansong Chapter 1 - Lost Memory 2

Teleport and make your way towards the library area that the warlocks were in previously, and that looks quite similar to the library from your first lost memory. You can go straight to the fourth lost memory from here, but I’d recommend doing them in the order laid out in this guide.

Once you make it to the library area, you’ll need to walk to the left. Go all the way down to the bottom, feeding on anybody you need to and blink your way across to an extremely creepy looking surgeons room filled with blood and viscera. Keep walking further down, all the way past everything and you’ll hit an extremely bloody bed that once examined will take you to the past, to what appears to be Emem’s initial siring. It’s a long and honestly rather terrifying scene that will give you context as to what Emem’s whole deal is.

Swansong Chapter 1 - Lost Memory 3

Once you’ve seen that second Lost Memory, you’ll need to go back up to near the library and walk to the left hand side as you’re facing the tower. You can then blink your way down from near said stone tower and climb down a series of platforms until you reach a tiny blue flame. Examine this blue flame to be taken to the third Lost Memory that appears to be all about how Emem sired her ex. It explains how it feels to sire somebody and how Emem loved her ex so much that she would turn her into a vampire like her.

Interestingly it appears to almost of a sexual nature for Emem, which makes the player question whether or not Emem used her charm abilities on her ex-girlfriend or whether her ex-girlfriend consented to the siring of herself.

Swansong Chapter 1 - Lost Memory 4

The fourth lost memory is the toughest one to find, at least for me. First off you need to make sure you’re near the library with the levers. Take the concoction that you picked up earlier and then pull the level closest to the door. Activate your slow motion powers that you’ve just acquired from the concoction and run as fast as you can through that gate. Once you’re through walk to the third door in and you’ll find a radio that you can examine. Examine that radio to discover more about Emem and her ex, and their history with the war. This one took me around twenty minutes to try and find the route, since the game itself doesn’t really explain that well what you have to do or what anything does.

Lost Memory 5


Leave that room and run to the end of the corridor to get to the final door. From that final prison cell you can teleport across the way to what looks like an extremely creepy Shining-esque upside down room. Examine the huge crack in the wall to relieve Emem’s breakup with her ex and discover why she left her in the first place, leading to later plot opportunities and a chance for Emem to make her own choice further down the line.

You’ll also be given the knowledge of the fact Emem is rather violent, and was violent when she was with her ex-girlfriend, something that comes up in the story later but very specifically only if you’ve actually found this memory. You can skip this memory and if you do it’ll have later plot significance down the line.


Once you have all the lost memories you’ll have the amnesia trait cleared for you, and this will lead to further opportunities later down the line. Hopefully this helps you find all the lost memories. The last couple took me a LONG time to find, so I’m hoping that sharing this with the world will allow you to find them much quicker than I did, especially given how obtuse and how difficult to understand a lot of these puzzles can be in the game.

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