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Valheim Leather Scraps - How to find and tame boars

February 8, 2021

By: Tyler Chancey


Chances are, if you've been following our Beginner's Guide to Valheim, you may be struggling to get some vital materials. Specifically, there appears to be trouble tracking down boars and getting those all-too vital leather scraps they drop. Thankfully, we're here to help with this brief but informative guide.

Valheim Leather Scraps
Someone's gonna eat like a king.

Valheim – Where To Find Boars

First thing's first, where do you even find these tusked piles of resources? Boars are found in the Meadows biome. This shouldn't be a problem to find since a new game starts you out in the meadows. But that's far too broad of a tip, Valheim loves it's large maps after all, so there are other things to watch out for.


Boars do roam around the meadows but they can be found in several distinct areas. They can roam around open fields or sniff around where mushrooms are – growing in damp patches under trees. But the big landmarks to look out for runestones. These glowing rocks have text on them that go on about how useful boars are, and they will be your saving grace. Boars love to gather around these runestones, the gatherings can get up to as much as eight at a time. You find these runestones in the meadows, mark them on your map immediately. You will be making multiple trips.

As for actually killing these things, just fight them. Boars are naturally aggressive, they won't run away like deer. If you go after them, they'll stand their ground and start attacking. Just punch them to death and you're golden.


Valheim Boar Taming

However, if you want to think really long-term, you can always tame these boars and start your own farm. To do this, just feed a boar some mushrooms. This will cause the boar to follow you. Guide it into a sealed-off pen near your base. Once you have two or three in the pen, the boars will start to breed and replicate. Just keep them fed with mushrooms and you now have your own local source of meat and leather.

Valheim Leather Scraps
You find this, you've hit the jackpot.

Valheim – How to Use Leather Scraps

In addition to raw meat, boars drop leather scraps. Trust me, you want to stock up on leather scraps. Stock up on these as much as you can. If you think you have enough, you don't. This is because leather scraps are used in a lot of starting tools and are vital in making decent starting armor. If you want more info on how to use these leather scraps effectively, feel free to check out our other guides.


But here's a tip while you're here: don't bother with rag armor, go the extra mile and make leather armor.

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