Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Path Guide

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Path Guide

The Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Path is one of the game's core mechanics. It is a chance to not only increase your own power level, but also a chance to really dig into some potential roleplay situations through your adventure on the Fifth Crusade. Owlcat Games made a grand total of ten different mythic paths to find in Wrath of the Righteous. Some of them are simple to unlock, while others are a bit more difficult to get.

So why not help players on that journey, by going into detail on how you unlock all ten mythic paths in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Path Guide - General Rules

So there are a couple of things players should be aware of before they begin their quest for their chosen mythic path. 

  • Mythic levels do not mix with your ordinary character levels. You can still reach level 20 of your ordinary class while having mythic levels. Mythic levels only upgrade in certain main quests. Only the main character can choose the mythic path, companions only have access to general mythic feats. 
  • Mythic paths have a soft alignment restriction. After you picked one path, there will be a quest to ask you realign yourself if you don't meet the requirement. You can still use the powers you already have but may fail the mythic quests that provide further mythic progress.
  • When you reach rank 8 in the mythic path, there will be a quest for you to re-do your choices. You will have access to only six mythic paths at rank 3 when you first must choose the mythic path you are on. At rank 8, you can select any of the late-game mythic paths by completing a quest that allows you to re-choose your path. 
  • Your mythic path will also have a great influence on companions. Some companions will approve or disapprove of your mythic path choice, often based on their own alignment. The choice also affects the army and troops you will have and who will be your council for the Crusade. Some characters will also leave you depending on your mythic path choice. 

With those general things out of the way, let's go through the mythic paths in order of their appearance in-game. 

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Path Guide - Angel Mythic Path

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Mythic Path Guide

Available: Prologue
Location: Caves under Kenabres
Alignment: Lawful Good
Conflicts: None

The Angel mythic path is the first path you will encounter in Wrath of the Righteous and is unmissable, as it is tied to the first storybook section found in the game. You simply need to find the sword of the fallen angel right after you meet Lann and Wenduag. The Angel path is is one of three mythic paths that is also given to the player automatically. To accept it, simply select the Angel Mythic Path at the end of Act 2. 

Demon Mythic Path

Demon Path Art

Available: Prologue
Location: The Shield Maze
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Conflicts: Arueshalae will leave the party (if left un-corrupted)

The Demon mythic path is encountered at the end of the shield maze, where it is unlocked automatically after witnessing Hosilla and the demon Savamelekah’s cutscene. Like the Angel path, it is one of the three paths in the game that is given to the player automatically. Unlike the angel path, it is considered the evil counterpart, and most companions and characters will comment on this, though only one companion will leave the crusade normally. You simply need to accept it at the end of Act 2 to be set on this path. 

Aeon Mythic Path

Aeon Path Art

Available: Act 1
Location: Kenabres Market Square
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Conflicts: Camellia will leave the party

The first of the 'findable' mythic paths also has some of the easiest requirements needed to obtain. First, you need to find a place of power in the Kenabres market square, close to where Terendelev was killed, once you go back to the Kenabres Market Square. A storybook scene similar to the Angel scene will commence. If you select the Aeon path option, you will be given a purple dagger that can’t be removed from your inventory for the time being. Not selecting that option will lock you out of the Aeon path.

Later, at the Gray Garrison in the end of Act 1, you will be given a storybook scene as you touch the Wardstone. You must select the Aeon mythic path option here, or else you will be locked out of the Aeon mythic path again. After this, the Aeon path will always be available. 

Azata Mythic Path

Azata Path Art

Available: Act 1
Location: Kenabres Market Square, Arendre Party House
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Conflicts: Arueshalae will leave the party (if corrupted) 

The Azata path is the first mythic path that is more complex than the others, as it is tied to a questline. 

  1. You need to solve the initial conflict between Hulrun and the Desna priest Ramien. Most options allow Ramien to leave, the easiest would be to show the light of the angel sword Laniel to Hulrun. Note that this is an Angel mythic path choice, but does not lock you into anything.
  2. Find Ramien back at the ruined temple of Desna. He will be invisible so have a high perception or a see invisibility handy. Speak to him, and agree to go on the side-quest to find the other acolytes of Desna. This should unlock the sidequest Starward Gaze.
  3. You need to find Aranka first, who is located at the Arendre Party House where you recruit Daeran. Aranka will then give you a shall.
  4. You find the second Desna priest, Thall, disguised as a crusader close to where you first enter the Market Square. His helmet has a large feather at the top of it to help mark him apart. Speak to him, and he will reveal himself but Hulrun will show up again. Deal with Hulrun how you please, but make sure Thall is allowed to escape.
  5. Finally, head back to the temple of Desna in the Market Square, speak with the Adepts, who will then offer to play a song for you. Agree and choose the sing-along option, and a storybook scene will commence, unlocking the Azata path. 

Trickster Mythic Path

Trickster Path Art

Available: Act 1
Location: Blackwing Library
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Conflicts: None

The trickster is actually pretty easy to get. You simply need to head to the Blackwing Library to rescue the Storyteller, where you will run into a group of cultists led by a crusader in disguise named Chaleb trying to burn some innocent people on a pile of books. When this scene beings, you will get special dialogue options that represent the Trickster mythic path. All you need to do is select all of the trickster mythic path options that show up, especially the option that sends Chaleb to rig explosives in the Gray Garrison.

Later, as you fight in the Gray Garrison, you will trigger a cutscene of Chaleb setting up explosives, only to have them literally blow up in his face. If you see this scene, then congrats, you have officially unlocked the Trickster path and it will be available for selection in Act 2. 

Lich Mythic Path

Lich Path Art

Available: Act 1, Act 2
Location: Tower of Estrod, Leper’s Smile, Lost Chapel
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Conflicts: Seelah will leave the party

The lich is the last of the first six mythic paths you can get before the end of Act 2, when you first select your mythic path. It is thankfully not that difficult to achieve if you know what you’re doing, but can be easily missable if your not careful. Much like the Azata, it is a quest chain.

  1. In chapter 1, at the Tower of Estrod, you will run into one of the towers custodians, who will tell you about the crusader and his mentor Zacharius. You need to speak to the custodian to help trigger the next part of the quest, as some of Zacharius’ artifacts were stolen.
  2. In chapter 2, you will have to go to a place called Leper’s Smile. Deal with the threats there then head into an underground cave. In the cave, you will find all sorts of creatures and treasures, but you need to look for a group of Wights with a large cart.
  3. Near the cart will be a pulsating section of negative energy if you get too close. This section is also teeming with re-spawnable undead, as the negative energy is reviving them to continuously fight. The only way to stop it is to interact with the source.
  4. The source is the Wand of Zacharius, which you can choose to destroy to take for yourself. If you destroy it, you lock yourself out of the Lich path, so take the wand instead.
  5. Finally, during the mandatory quest A Strike from the Sky at the Lost Chapel, you will discover a hidden, magical door if you have kept the wand intact. The door leads down to the catacombs of the chapel, where you will meet Zacharius himself, now turned into a Lich.  All you have to do is give Zacharius the wand back, and you will unlock the Lich mythic path. 

Legend Mythic Path

Legend Path Wrath of the Righteous

Available: Act 5
Location: N/A
Alignment: Neutral
Conflicts: None

The Legend mythic path is basically an additional option once you achieve mythic rank 8 in the main storyline. It is the third mythic path that is given to you automatically, after the Angel and Demon path. At mythic rank 8, you will have the option to confirm or switch your mythic path, and the legend mythic path will be automatically available for selection.

Legend removes all mythic ranks, feats, and powers, but instead your regular class ranks increase to level 40, instead of the cap at level 20. This increase does not increase your class ranks, which all cap out at 20, so you will have to multiclass to reach level 40. You also get a +4 to all of your ability scores.

Gold Dragon Mythic Path

Gold Dragon Path Art

Available: Prologue, Act 2, Act 3
Location: Caves under Kenabres, Leper’s Smile, Terendelev’s Lair
Alignment: Neutral Good
Conflicts: None

The Gold Dragon is a pretty easy path to get, but you can miss it as far back as the early levels of the game if you are not careful.

  1. Make sure to collect and save at least one of the two scales of Terendelev you find in the prologue cave when the game first begins.
  2. Later, when you rescue the Storyteller, show him the scales of Terendelev, he will tell you a story and ask to see more body parts of hers.
  3. You will find a claw of Terendelev in the Leper’s Smile cave, close to where the Wand of Zacharius for the Lich path is.
  4. In chapter 3, the Storyteller will re-appear during the Dragon Hunt quest. Show him the claw and listen to his tale. This will then open up a new location on the map; Terendelev’s Lair.
  5. Head to Terendelev’s Lair. You will meet a character named Hal. As you go through the lair you will eventually get to an encounter with a cultist, that Hal asks you to spare. If you do so, Hal will reveal himself as a gold dragon named Halaseliax. If you choose to fight Halaseliax or attack the cultist, you will lock yourself out of the Gold Dragon path.
  6. Finally, later on, you will encounter Hal right before you hit mythic rank 8. Simply be friendly to him and you will unlock the path.

Swarm that Walks Mythic Path

Swarm Path Art

Available: Act 2, Act 3
Location: Leper’s Smile, Drezen, Xanthir’s Lair
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Conflicts: All of your companions, mercenaries, and advisers will leave

The Swarm that Walks is the longest and most complex mythic path to get in the game, and it also requires a lot of sacrifices. Forewarning, if you go for this mythic path, everyone in your army will leave you. This includes companions, hired mercenaries, troops, advisors, everyone. 

  1. First, you cannot have Queen Galfrey with your army at all. You must reject her coming with you incognito on the Crusade, meaning you should not pick the Angel or Aeon mythic path options when that choice comes up. 
  2. During the fight at Lepers Smile, you will go up against a Vescavor Queen. After you defeat it, you need to select the evil dialogue of collecting her slime. 
  3. During the siege of Drezen, you must use the slime to cause a plague that will help you overtake the fort. 
  4. After the siege is lifted, if you did everything right so far in Act 3 you will receive the quest Demonic Parasites, where you will uncover a baby Vescavor Queen in the fort. You must simply choose not to kill it at that time.
  5. Later, you will need to fight a Worm that Walks called Xanthir Vang. Before you do though, you can ask Xanthir questions about how he became a swarm, as well as read through the notes found in his lair.  If you did this, it unlocks the Xanthir’s Experiments decree, which will look further into the matter for you.
  6. If everything was done correctly, Anevia will approach you to tell you that many people are concerned about your experiments. If you receive this dialogue, that means you are on the right track. At this point, pick any option that supports your experiments, and the path will be unlocked for you at level 8.  

Devil Mythic Path

Devil Path Art

Available: Act 3, Act 5
Location: Drezen, Bastion of Justice
Alignment: Lawful Evil 
Conflicts: None

The Devil mythic path is easy to get but is directly tied to choices previously made in the game. First, you must have chosen either the Azata or Aeon mythic path at Act 2, or the Devil path is locked for you. If you selected the Aeon or Azata path, a devil by the name of Malies will appear before you, requesting it become an advisor to the crusade. 

If you accept him and cooperate with Malies, late in the game after you return from the Abyss, Malies will come before you and offer you to become a Devil. Players must then go to the Bastion of Justice near Kenabres, where the arch-devil Mephistopheles and other devils will put the Commander on trial. The trial is fairly straightforward and will recount most of your choices and actions in the game. Your best chance of succeeding in the trial is to pass several difficult diplomacy checks, but it is possible to succeed without them if your actions follow mostly Lawful or Evil choices. 

If you pass the trial, the Devil mythic path is then unlocked. It is the only mythic path that unlocked at mythic rank 9, instead of mythic rank 3 or 8, and is the last mythic path available to the player. 

And there you have it, all ten mythic paths and how to unlock them. Some are pretty easy, some are more involved, but each path provides a unique experience to be sure for Wrath of the Righteous? So the only question now is which path will you go down? 


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