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Trash Sailors level

Trash Sailors is a funny-looking game that plays a lot like a combination of Raft and Overcooked. You are going to be pulling in the trash floating in the water with a hook to fuel and rebuild your raft while also trying to keep up with an evergrowing list of problems. Luckily, the game builds up its pace pretty well, so you won't be completely caught off guard when the next unique obstacle decides to rear its ugly head.

How to Run a Succesful Raft in Trash Sailors

First things first, you are going to start off on some pretty calm seas. While your first instinct is probably to rush through the games to fight an alligator, don't get in too much of a rush. The first few levels are the perfect place to practice pulling in maps pieces, grinding a small bit of money, and figuring out what everyone in your party's strengths are. Here are some tips for the first few levels of the game that will help you succeed in later levels:

  • Farm bolts early on, these will be crucial in upgrading your ship.
  • Make sure everyone is decent at catching trash.
  • Grab every map you can find; these will be needed to unlock levels throughout the game.
  • Keep fuel in your ship; the last thing you want it to break down in an enemy zone.
  • Learn that the light turns red when it's about to turn off; this will save you from panicking.

You will want to have a designated sailor at the start of each realm, and later on, you will need a party member who's equipped to deal with incoming enemies. The first step in running a successful ship is to make sure everyone knows their job. You should also take a minute to make a note of the different in-game characters; these each have their strength and weaknesses; if a player is going to be doing combat, then they will want to choose the character that is suited for it.

Next, keep in mind that the game literally tells you it's best played with a control every time you open it. The keyboard control aren't terrible, but they do put you at a bit of a disadvantage. If you want to have the most control over steering the raft and your character, then you need to have a controller in your hand for this game. If you are playing on your own, then all you will have is the robot; he is decent at trash collecting and does a good job at fighting enemies. Sadly, he steers horribly, won't man the canon, won't turn the light on at night, and unless you carry him around, he will constantly be knocked off the raft by waves.

The best thing you can do when playing solo is plop your robot down to catch trash and fight enemies while you steer the raft.

Trash Sailor Course

Breaking Down the Obstacles in Trash Sailors

There are a lot of different obstacles and enemies in this game, once you pass level five, you will constantly find yourself running into new problems. The best way to handle these is by categorizing them into the task they are trying to achieve. Alligators, for example, are trying to eat your boat. Enemies that jump on board your ship like humans are trying to whittle down your health bar. Basically, think of obstacles and enemies and place them into these categories:

  • Trying to destroy your raft.
  • Trying to kill you.
  • Trying to throw you off your raft.
  • Trying to kill you and destroy your raft.

Early on, you will encounter waves that don't damage your boat but will knock your character off. Likewise, there are alligators that won't try to eat you but will destroy the wood on your boat. Keep in mind that rafts can generally be repaired pretty quickly, but you must stay on top of it as soon as you are hit to ensure that you don't sink. If you are driving through a mind field, then do everything you can to avoid them and by a bigger light to see incoming obstacles during the night.

You will also want to invest in the health pack to ensure that you and your friends don't die. This should be one of your first purchases for your raft and will likely be one of the ones you use the most, especially once you get near and into the artic area. 

Trash Sailor New Character

Trash Doesn't Run Out, and Neither Will Enemies

Keep in mind that you aren't going to run out of trash; it's always floating by. Enemies also will keep spawning while you're in their spawn zone, as with obstacles like mines and waves. You need to always be looking at your raft's damage, how much fuel you have, and how your teammates are doing to get to the end of the course. Your goals should be as follows:

  • Collecting all three map pieces.
  • Gathering gold screws when possible.
  • Reaching the end of the course.

Don't get focused on trying to avoid every obstacle; you are going to run into something eventually; your goal is to collect maps to unlock new courses and make it to the end, so you get to keep those pieces.

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